Monday, November 5, 2012

Some more beaded donuts and a crochet necklace

Only some other pattern this time. Two beaded donut pendants made of glass wax pearls, fire polished crystals and seed beads. They are double sided (both sides look the same) and measure 4 cm (1,57") in diameter. Not much else can be written about them though... it's just better to see them, so here they are: :)

beaded donut pendant

beaded donut pendant

The necklace however is just a mere beaded crochet rope, accompanied with three beaded balls. It is 112 cm (44") long, made entirely of Preciosa dark grey, silver lined seed beads, and it can be worn in a few different ways. The two of them shown below are just an example... the necklace gives some more possibilities too.

beaded crochet necklacebeaded crochet necklace

And, the last thing for today... A beaded crochet bracelet that was strongly inspired by Chudibeads' projects. She makes beautiful beaded ropes, you have to admit! My bracelet though is a bit simpler... and yet it is one of my favourites at the moment. 

So, enjoy and until the next time. :)

beaded crochet bracelet

Sunday, October 14, 2012

For the Brave! ;)

Oh yes, only the brave one can wear this. The Preciosa Volcano crystal surrounded by Toho beads is an extremely eye-catching piece of jewellery. It is huge as for a pendant - 5 cm (2") in diameter and it will be accompanied by a black beaded crochet rope - as soon as I make one certainly. ;) The photo however doesn't really show how beautiful the crystal is... it can be purple, red, orange and blue, depending on light. Truly amazing mix of colours really.

Well, not much can be written about it. Better to see it, so here it is:

volcano crystal

So, who's brave enough to wear it? ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ornamental beaded balls

Looks like I needed to rest a bit from the crocheting. So I managed to make four beaded pendants and two pairs of earrings just over one weekend instead. You can't see the earrings yet, since it's a present and a person who is supposed to get them can't see them before they reach her of course. But at least I have three out of four pendants (the last one needs a photo first ;) ) that I can show to you. ;)

The first one was an experiment with the Twin beads. Wanted to check how well they work for beaded balls. And looks like they really don't work too bad. They are accompanied by some wax pearls, and Toho beads in two sizes - 11 and 15 (Permanent Finish Galvanized Fairy Wings and Opaque Frosted Jet). With just some metal bail it works great as a beaded pendant. That ball is 2,5 cm (1") wide in diameter.

beaded sphere pendant

The tutorial for this pendant is available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Another pendant was in fact made a few years ago. Only it was just a simple beaded ball that I wasn't really satisfied with. Added some seed beads to that pattern, as well as ten tiny pink cabochons... didn't have the eleventh one so had to add some charm made of chain instead, to fill the last, bottom hole. And somebody has just commented that it looks like a shower... damn! ;P

beaded ball pendant

beaded pendant

The pendant is quite long, 9,5 cm (3,54") with the bail and the chains, while the ball is 3 cm (1,18") wide in diameter.

The last pendant is a little bit similar to the previous one, a bit smaller though (2,5 cm again), but it also consists of some Twin beads (the green one doesn't). They are the transparent ones (if you can see them on this poor picture). The base of that ball is made of turquoise bicone crystals with a very nice frosted effect... too bad the photo doesn't really show how beautiful they are. So thank you Julia for chosing them as a birthday present for me... just like the rest of the beads. ;D

The tutorial for this pendant is available on Craftsy and Etsy.

beaded ball pendant

beaded pendant

I have a few more ideas for using the Twins... so you should see more beadwork soon. ;)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Come To The Dark Side... ;)

beaded crochet bracelet

Or to the light one, if that is what you prefer. ;)

beaded crochet bracelet
Yep, that is the good thing with that kind of bracelet. It's a beaded crochet rope (of course! ;) ), made of Czech glass silver-lined seed beads, twenty beads per row and flattened, so I can actually wear it with the dark side on the front or the light one if that's what I feel like. The bronze and the beige work well together, and those silver sparkling holes actually make the bracelet look like its colours interfuse. The effect looks better for real though. Anyway, that's how the entire bracelet looks like:

beaded crochet bracelet

The bronze/beige bracelet has been actually made as a second rope of that style. The first one, which also was my training bracelet, since I was just learning this technique of bead crocheting, was black and red, with a little bit of gold. Used Chech seed beads for that one too. Actually, this shade of red is one of my favourite colours amongst all of Preciosa/Jablonex beads. It has one big flaw though. The colour wears off easily. However, my affection for this colour and the need of using it as often as possible contributed to something good at least - I have found a great way for protecting the beads and no more wearing the colour off for me! ;D Wonder if I should share the secret, though. ;)

Well, that's how the mentioned above bracelet look like:

beaded crochet bracelet

And it can be worn like this:

beaded crochet bracelet

 Or this:

beaded crochet bracelet

And no, the stripes aren't boring! Below you can see the proof that the statement was true for me. ;)
They only need to be finished now... oh well, making the right angle weave endings for all of them will probably require ten years or so... ;P

beaded crochet bracelets

Hopefully I can finish them sooner, though. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The project of my life ;)

At least until I make another one, I suppose. ;)

Well, I'm not a good planner. At least when it comes to jewelry. Whatever I plan to make, it turns out to be something completely different. From a simple pearl pendant to the project of my life? Of course it is possible! ;)

So yes, it was just started with a simple tiny beaded pendant, a glass pearl embellished with some black silver lined Czech seed beads and metal antique gold 3mm round beads. When I made it however, I wasn't really satisfied with it... there was something missing, only I didn't know what. Putting it inside a peyote three-dimensional open square perhaps? Why not, it was worth to give it a try. And so it has worked. ;)

Okay. So I had a pendant. But did it really fit as a pendant? Still it wasn't something I expected, wanted something more. If not a pendant, then a part of a necklace? Sounded like a better idea. But what should I hang it on? Seed beads? Wax cord? Beaded crochet rope? Couldn't really decide... Maybe all of them then? ;)

So there is a wax cord, and there is a beaded crochet rope too. Seed beads combined with more antique gold metal balls don't look too bad together I suppose. At least it made me quite satisfied with it.

And this is how the necklace looks like:

beaded necklace

beaded necklace

It couldn't remain a single piece of jewelry though, so decided to make two matching bracelets, of completely different style, and a pair of earrings. Was working for almost three days on them all... but I hope it was worth all the work.

beaded crochet bracelet

wax cord bracelet

beaded earrings

Hopefully someone will like it enough to become an owner of this set. ;)

beaded jewelry

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beadwork, beadwork...

Yes, lots of beadwork this time. ;)

As I am running out of time, I have been working harder than usually, making as much jewelry as possible. Good thing there's only some simple jewelry to make now... all the more complicated projects are already finished. Here however you can see the simpler ones too. ;)

The beaded sphere that can be seen below was actually made more than two weeks ago. It was only waiting to get a bail, so it could work as a pendant. Now it's ready to be shown to the world. ;) It is the same dodecahedron as used in the earrings from here, only that it is bigger, measuring 2,5 cm (1") in diameter. A pattern that I have designed by myself, which I'm extremely proud of. ;)

This beaded bead is made of Czech seed beads as well as 6mm crackle beads.

beaded sphere pendant

Have made a few bracelets too, a necklace, some earrings... some others are still waiting to be finished though. One of the bracelets is a beaded crochet rope (yes, I can't live without bead crocheting for long), with a silver spectra bead as a focal point. The second one is a turquoise macrame bracelet, with a peyote bead... that one goes with matching earrings. The third one was extremely time consuming, as probably it is the first and the last bracelet of this style I have made. Twisted peyote isn't something for me I suppose... too tedious. ;)

But here they are:

beaded crochet bracelet

macrame bracelet

twisted tubular peyote bracelet

The necklace is a pretty long (70cm - 27,56") twisted herringbone rope with two decorative diamond shape elements, made with cubic right angle weave. Since it is possible to slide the rope through one of them, its length can be easily adjusted. I don't even want to count the hours I spent on making it... ;)

herringbone necklace

And finally, some small, simple earrings... Cubic right angle weave stitch combined with peyote, and light green metalic spectra beads. At least I could make them in less than two hours. ;)

cubic right angle weave earrings

And that's all... at least for this post.
Because another set I have recently made, deserves its very own blog entry... ;)

So see you soon again. ;)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beaded ring, beaded bracelet...

It's not going to be a long entry... I'm too much in a hurry to do some other thing now. ;)

I almost never make rings. So far have made only two. So I don't really know why I decided to make another one... Actually it was supposed to be a pendant when I started making it, only soon enough I realized that it might look even better as a ring... And so there it is. ;)

beaded ring

beaded ring

Unfortunately I screwed it up a bit so it can't be for sale, but I like it enough to keep it for myself. ;)

Also have finished another beaded crochet bracelet recently. The crochet rope is accompanied by a double-sided peyote triangle. Think it will remain mine as well. ;)

beaded crochet bracelet

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