Thursday, August 9, 2012

The project of my life ;)

At least until I make another one, I suppose. ;)

Well, I'm not a good planner. At least when it comes to jewelry. Whatever I plan to make, it turns out to be something completely different. From a simple pearl pendant to the project of my life? Of course it is possible! ;)

So yes, it was just started with a simple tiny beaded pendant, a glass pearl embellished with some black silver lined Czech seed beads and metal antique gold 3mm round beads. When I made it however, I wasn't really satisfied with it... there was something missing, only I didn't know what. Putting it inside a peyote three-dimensional open square perhaps? Why not, it was worth to give it a try. And so it has worked. ;)

Okay. So I had a pendant. But did it really fit as a pendant? Still it wasn't something I expected, wanted something more. If not a pendant, then a part of a necklace? Sounded like a better idea. But what should I hang it on? Seed beads? Wax cord? Beaded crochet rope? Couldn't really decide... Maybe all of them then? ;)

So there is a wax cord, and there is a beaded crochet rope too. Seed beads combined with more antique gold metal balls don't look too bad together I suppose. At least it made me quite satisfied with it.

And this is how the necklace looks like:

beaded necklace

beaded necklace

It couldn't remain a single piece of jewelry though, so decided to make two matching bracelets, of completely different style, and a pair of earrings. Was working for almost three days on them all... but I hope it was worth all the work.

beaded crochet bracelet

wax cord bracelet

beaded earrings

Hopefully someone will like it enough to become an owner of this set. ;)

beaded jewelry


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you tell the creative process that goes into these.


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