Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twisted triangle

Still playing around with the twisted peyote, as you can see, and trying a triangular shape this time. :)

This pendant was finished long time ago, and a long time it had to wait for being presented here. ;) Poor pendant has been waiting for long enough it seems, but I wanted to show it when the pattern would be ready. I failed, I haven't even started writing the tutorial yet, but the pendant doesn't deserve to wait for longer. ;)

It is made with Delica cylinder beads and Toho seed beads in three sizes. Three tiny fire polished beads are added too. The pendant is 5 cm (2") long without the bail.

twisted triangle pendant

twisted triangle pendant

twisted triangle pendant

And now I'd like to say good bye for now, I'm leaving for a short vacation in two days. I can't wait to do some beading along with Julia! Should be fun! I'll see you again in February then!

Take care, all of you! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another beaded pendant

Yep, another pendant that was finished more than a month ago, but still wasn't shown here... Unusual in shape, but I can't say I'm very pleased with it. It's just one of these pieces, which are worn once and then completely forgotten, thrown into a box with the rest of my beaded pendants. I actually realized that I have lots of those... almost too many. And yet I wouldn't be able to part with any of them, even if I'm not going to wear them anymore. ;)

This piece was made with Toho, Delica and fire polished beads, with a big Swarovski rivoli in the center. The pendant is 4,3 cm (1,69") wide and 5,5 cm (2,16") long without the bail.

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

Next time - some triangles. So see you until then! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Twisted Star - beaded pendant

I know I neglected the blog a little... it's not though that I don't do any beading, I still have a few things to show, so I'll try to force myself to publish them soon. :)

Decided to start with another twisted peyote experiment, this time it is something that is supposed to resemble a star. Does it really? Maybe a bit. Maybe it's more like a starfish, but who cares. ;) I actually like the design and could be that soon I will be able to publish a tutorial how to make it. It's not really difficult to make, but it takes a lot of time and attention. It's probably the amount of time required that stops me from writing the tutorial... why do so many other things want or need to be made too? Or I just should stop being so extremely lazy. ;P

Anyway, this is the star. Made with Miyuki Delica and Toho seed beads, with a Swarovski rivoli in the middle. The piece is quite big actually, it measures almost 7cm (2,75") at the widest point. It's very light though. It certainly makes a pendant that is really noticeable. ;)

twisted peyote star pendant

twisted peyote star pendant

twisted peyote star pendant

Thank you all for watching and visiting this blog. :)
I hope you'll have a nice weekend and see you some other day! :)

Edit: the tutorial is already available here. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blooming Roses bracelet - peyote pattern

Why didn't anyone tell me that making peyote bracelets is so time-consuming?! Had I only known... it would have never been finished otherwise. Good thing that usually the result is worth the effort. ;)

Drawing the pattern was the easiest part though. Choosing the right beads from my not so big Delica stash was not easy at all! I started the bracelet three times and then, after spending a few hours on making the first two inches, I decided to destroy it as I was quite unhappy with the bead choice. Beads that looked darker in the bag were lighter in the bracelet, while those that I wouldn't call dark at all, seemed far too dark as they were strung... I actually thought that I'd never be able to finish it.

Miracles happen, though. Last night it was finally done! ;)

The bracelet is 16 cm (6.3") long, fitting perfectly my thin wrist and it is 4,3 cm (1.7") wide. The pattern however is slightly shorter, it measures around 15 cm (6.1"), but it can be made as long as you want, it's just enough to add a few extra rows on its both sides. It is available here on Etsy.

peyote bracelet

peyote bracelet pattern

Still planning to make the tutorials for the twisted pendants... but I am so lacking of time for beading... To these of you, who wait for them I can promise that they WILL be made. Before other flat peyote patterns, that's for sure! ;)

Have a great day, all of you! :)

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