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I have been making jewelry since 2005 and I have tried quite a few techniques during that time. It was a long way though, through wire-wrapping mostly, until I discovered bead weaving. It has truly stolen my heart and something, that once has been just a mere hobby, has turned into a real passion. After designing beaded jewelry for a few years, now I share all my knowledge with you in my beading tutorials. :)

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  1. Hi... I came by your site trying to find a earring pattern to learn..Like always..I jump into it without reading who is sharing this pattern at first...It will take me a while to learn it ( and a lot of tearing out) I have NF2 and it has taken some of my ability to comprehend, but I am persistent. I had to put it down and as I did my eye caught your story about yourself..I truly believe people come into our lives to teach us something...we do not have to come face to face to learn something..I believe we can learn more that way. I thank you for that:) ..I want to give you a part of my heart..a loving prayer for healing your body from this invader..I believe miracles happen..keep hanging in there:) I love beading, it is a passion of mine..and you as well..:) take care.. <3

  2. I had seen your Flower Stud earring pattern a little while back, and last night I found my little bag of earring posts, so I cam back to get the pattern. I read your update, and my heart goes out to you. I know you are not looking for sympathy, and that's not what I'm offering. I am sending you thoughts and prayers for strength, and peace. Please update as you can, and feel the love surrounding you.

  3. Hi Justyna,

    Just wanted to say I'm sitting here with a smile on my face because I'm thinking of you and how much I respect and appreciate you and your wonderful sharing of your life. You are making so many people richer in their lives by showing them how to live with a love for life… hope I'm making sense . Much love, Dorothy in California

  4. Hi Justyna, Just stopping by to say "Hi." Yesterday was our Thanksgiving Day and one of the things I felt thankful for was your friendship. You warm my heart because you listen to your own heart. Much love, Dorothy in California

  5. Witaj.
    Podobają mi się Twoje dzieła. A zwłąszcza naszyjniki z motywem kwiatowym ^^
    Jeśli mogę mam pytanie. Przy robieniu np. naszyjnika koralikowo- szydełkowego ukośnik jak robiłaś że wzór wychodził Ci tak jak powinien? (bo mi wychodzi tak jak w pierwszym okienku a powinien tak jak w trzecim) i nie wiem dlaczego :(
    Bransoletka ma 12 koralików w rzędzie i ukośnik jak najlepiej do niego pasuje.

    1. Dziękuję za miłe słowa :) Co do przesunięcia we wzorze, powiem szczerze że nigdy nic takiego mi się nie zdarzyło... nawlekam sekwencję w odpowiedniej kolejności, a potem szydełkuję... Może sam ukośnik robisz inną metodą? Świetny tutorial opracowała Ewa Tkocz-Frydrych i bardzo go polecam! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your blog site with me Justyna. :) I found it and ......Oh My Gosh, now I have so many MORE of your patterns (I love them all!) to add to my growing list! Thank you, thank you for sharing with all of us; especially people like me who can follow patterns, but don't have the creativity to design my own. :)

  7. Hi, Eridhan, I read your post about the flower studs and I saw that you seem to battle with cancer, so I wanted to encourage you to look into the cancer -healing properties of cannabis oil. Please watch the Rick Simpson Story, it might save your life, as it has so many others. Good luck and much strength to you! Thank you for sharing your art with the world.

    1. It saddens me to say, I looked on her Etsy page and she passed away on August the 9th.


  8. My husband passed away in August last year so I have only just returned to my favourite pastime and was deeply saddened by the news about Justyna and would like to say a few words about her.
    I have loved everything she designed ,particularly those twisty pendants , which now grace the necks of some of my young relatives.
    I once queried something in a pattern that I could not quite understand , she replied instantly with a sketch to make it clearer and then gave me 2 free patterns !
    I have kept her emails to me and I treasure all her designs I have gathered over the years.
    I am now 82 years old and feel very sad at the loss of such a beautiful young life.
    Sincere regards
    Elizabeth Valentine Tasmania


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