Thursday, February 20, 2014

Triangulum - another beaded pendant :)

It's been a while again since my last post, I know. But I was on my vacation first, then I was sick, then I had a lot of work... but at least I can finally appear with a few new patterns. Today I'll show you one of them. :)

Triangulum is just another experiment. You know, the one when you take out your beads, start making something that you don't know yet what it is going to be, but then it turns out to be a piece which you are satisfied with. I was quite satisfied with the first attempt, so I made another pendant to see if I still remembered all the steps. I did remember, but I also realized that I must find some easier way to make it. Third time lucky, they say. The third pendant differs a little, little bit from its predecessors, but it's waaaay easier to make. Still I wouldn't say it was very easy anyway. But at least I like it. ;)

The pendant measures 4,5 cm (1.77") at the widest point. It is made mostly with SuperDuo beads and seed beads in two sizes. A huge 14mm round bead is placed in the center of the piece.
The Polish version of this pattern will be published in the next issue of Beading Polska magazine. The English one is available already on Etsy and Craftsy.

Before I show you the pendants, I have one more information. The twisted peyote patterns I was promising to write cannot be published yet. As they were inspired by wonderful work by June Huber and her Peyote Twist Earrings, I wanted to be on the safe side and asked for her opinion, if using her idea (in a different way and different beadwork though) wouldn't violate her author's rights. Due to some urgent matters though she is not able to give me the written permission yet, but I was already promised to be granted it. So we all need to be a little bit more patient. In the meantime make sure to check out her website and the beautiful patterns she makes! You won't regret it, I promise! :)

Back to the triangles though, here are all the pendants, in the same order as they were created.
And I'll see you again soon, with a few more tutorials! :)

Thank you for dropping by and take care, my friends! :)

beaded triangle tutorial

beaded triangle pendant

triangular pendant - tutorial

beaded triangles

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