Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sting - beaded pendant

As promised in the last post, another pendant made with spike beads. Oh alright, only one spike bead was used this time, but it's a very important one! ;)

Sting, as this is how it's named, is also made with Toho seed beads size 11/o and 15/o, SuperDuo beads plus 3mm & 4mm fire polished beads. It is 4,7 cm (1,85" ) long (without the bail) and 3 cm (1,18") wide in the widest point.
So this is another spiky pendant in my collection... and another tutorial, which is available, as always, on Etsy and Craftsy.

spike beads pendant pattern

spike beads pendant tutorial

beaded pendant pattern

beaded pendant tutorial

beaded pendant with spike beads
And now I'm wishing you all Happy Easter! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spiky Flower - beaded pendant

Finally! The pictures for the pendant were taken some time ago, and yet I just couldn't find enough time to write the post and show it to you. In the meantime though I prepared a tutorial how to make it, then made another spiky pendant... and another one... but today there's only the spiky flower for you to see. ;)

Spiky Flower was made with 8mm spike beads (of course!), 3mm fire polished beads and Toho seed beads size 11/o and 15/o... it is quite small, as it measures only 3,5 cm (1,38") in diameter.

The pattern can be found here and here.

spike beads pattern
spike beads pattern

spike beads pattern

spike beads pattern

In the next blog entry - The Sting. So stay tuned. ;)

Friday, March 22, 2013

More spikes and more patterns! ;)

I have to admit, I have fallen in love with spike beads. It means that you will see a couple of more pendants made with these beads soon. Two of them are already made, however the first one isn't a new pattern - it is actually the same as in the previous post. Oh well, had to make a more innocent version of the black and white pendant. And is there anything more innocent than pink? ;) It still has some claws though. ;)

And it has got a name! It's called "Wind Rose" now, as in fact it was the first thing I thought about after I had finished the previous pendant. It wasn't only me though, blond has said exactly the same when she saw it. ;)

So, here's the pink Wind Rose:

beaded pendant pattern

spike beads pendant tutorial

And here you can find the pattern: Craftsy and Etsy. ;)

The second pendant however won't be shown until I take a good picture... Maybe tomorrow?
I'll see you until then. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another spiky pendant

Spiky, but not that dangerous I think. ;) Another pendant made with spike beads, fire polished beads and seed beads, with a wax pearl in the middle. The white, black and metallic grey colours make it look a bit classic, the shape however says no, not classic at all! Classic or not, I am going to wear it anyway. ;)

It measures 4,5cm (1,77" ) at the widest point (with spikes), however the main beaded part measures 2,5cm (1").

And this is the pendant:

spike beads pendant

beaded pendant

It was so easy to make though that I am very tempted to make another one. I am going back to beading then! ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to the life - with some new beading patterns of course ;)

So, here I am again - staying in bed was extremely boring, trust me - but at least I could do some other work, not exactly beading though, but related to beading. Two new tutorials for the patterns that have been already presented here, plus another one, for dodecahedral earrings. Yep I know, it's pretty amazing that I managed to make another pair of earrings instead of just these boring pendants. ;) Anyway I hope you'll like them - both the pendants and the earrings really. ;)

Okay, the first is the pattern for the dodecahedral earrings. Beaded beads made with 4mm wax pearls, 11/o seed beads and 2mm metal ball, measuring around 2,5cm (1") in the widest point - in fact they look a bit smaller than they are in reality, probably because they're not the perfect spheres.

And these earrings look like this:

beaded beads pattern

And a close-up:

beaded ball tutorial

This tutorial is available here (Etsy) and here (Craftsy).

The second pattern I have made is for the netted beaded pendant, that you could see already in this post. But there are two more such pendants, that you can see below:

beaded pendant pattern
beaded pendant tutorial

The pendant, as you can see, is mostly made with 6mm wax pearls and 11/o seed beads. It measures around 4cm (1,57") in diameter. Quite easy and fast to make, and you can find the tutorial here and here. :)

And finally, the last pattern, for another beaded ball - or a beaded bead, whatever you wish. ;)
Small ornamental ball, not exceeding 2,5cm (1") in diameter, made with fire polished beads and 11/o & 15/o seed beads. Tiny, but quite eye-catching. Better for a pendant though than for the earrings in my humble opinion... but it can serve in any way you wish. ;)

beaded ball pattern

beaded bead tutorial

The tutorial for this beaded bead is available here and here.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed. Time to get some rest - but I'll see you all soon again. :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Queen of Fire, Queen of Ice - beaded beads and bracelets with tutorials

Queen of Fire. Gold and rubies.... if such a queen had ever existed, I hope she would have been willing to wear such jewelry. Her sister, Queen of Ice hopefully would have chosen a set made with cold silver and sapphires. But such queens don't exist, so both sets are mine! ;D

The bracelets and matching pendants are made with wax pearls, SuperDuo beads, Toho 11/o and fire polished beads in two sizes. The beaded bead that works as a pendant is 3,7cm (1,45") long and 2,7cm (1,06") wide, the bracelet is 2,5cm (1") wide. Both patterns are accompanied with tutorials. :)

So, here's the set for the Queen of Fire:

beaded bead and beaded bracelet tutorial

beaded bead pattern

beaded bracelet pattern

And the set for the Queen of Ice:

beaded bead and bracelet patterns

beaded bead tutorial
beaded bracelet tutorial

And both sets together. :)

beaded bracelet tutorial

beaded pendant tutorial

beaded beads and bracelets patterns
The patterns are available separately and in a set in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.
And I am going to say goodbye for now... and a couple of more days. The next chemotherapy awaits me, so wish me luck... and hopefully I'll see you soon again. Hugs to all of you! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another beaded donut and another pattern. ;)

Can't say that I was forced to make it again... but Wiosenna seemed to really like this beaded donut and requested a tutorial. Considering that making the first one, which you can see here, was a nightmare both for me and the needles, I was absolutely sure that I would never ever try to make it again, not to mention that I would never even try to convince a fellow beader to make it either.

But I must admit, that her request made me search for an easier way to make it. It wasn't that bad pattern after all, was it? I wanted to help her though, so I thought that a better way must exist! And I have managed to find it, so now the tutorial is available to all of you too. :)

Moreover, it was that easy, that I managed to make two more such beaded donuts within just one evening! ;)

I hope that Wiosenna is happy now, since she got the pattern before it has even been published. ;)

Everyone else can get it on Craftsy or Etsy.

beaded donut pendant

beaded donut pattern

beaded donut tutorial

beaded donut pendant

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Golden Acorn - tutorial for a beaded bead

Not stopping with designing the beaded beads, not stopping with making the instructions too. ;)

Today there's another beaded bead, asymmetrical this time, of a shape slighlty resembling an acorn. It is made with 6mm, 4mm and 3mm fire polished beads and Toho seed beads size 11, all of them in brownish and yellow colours. It is 3,3 cm (1,30") long and 2,5cm (1") wide.

The detailed tutorial for this beaded bead can be found on Craftsy and Etsy.

Also, the instruction actually allows you to make a different beaded bead too. ;)

Enjoy. :)

beaded bead pendant

beaded bead pattern

beaded bead tutorial

Thursday, March 7, 2013

And one more beaded ball... ;)

It will never end, I guess I'll keep making beaded balls no matter what. ;)

Another one that has been created recently is made with 6mm wax pearls, 3mm fire polished beads and Preciosa seed beads, all in candy pink colours. It is probably a colour that many people just hate, but for some reason I like working with it. It needs to be a certain range of pink shades though, and that ball represents all of them.

It measures 2,5cm (1") in diameter... and of course it has become just another beaded pendant... It couldn't be anything else, after all. ;)

beaded ball pendant

beaded bead
Now I hope that tomorrow is going to be a bright day, because I need to take a couple of pictures if I still want to update this blog. ;)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunny beaded donut

It's been a while since I have shown a beaded donut here... it doesn't mean though that I haven't made one. ;)

This pendant was made more than a week ago, but it probably didn't deserve to be published earlier. ;) It is made with 4mm glass pearls, SuperDuo beads and Toho beads size 11 and 15. It measures 4 cm (1,57") in diameter. Both sides of the donut look exactly the same.

Quite sunny, isn't it? ;)

beaded donut pendant

beaded donut

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Wasp Nest again - tutorial for a beaded bead

A little thing that you have seen here already, but this time it is white and silver. It is also accompanied by a tutorial that is available on Craftsy and Etsy.

This beaded bead is actually very easy to make - with some experience you can complete it in just one hour.

Enjoy. :)

beaded bead tutorial

beaded bead pattern

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Envying soutache...

That's what you get if you are admiring someone else's work and yet it's a mystery to you how they do that. ;)

So I admire all the soutache jewelry, but honestly, I wouldn't even dare to try to make it by myself. But I definitely love all those curves and such - enough to try to implement such details in beadwork. It appeared, that just a normal, flat herringbone stitch gives perfect curves if you use beads in different sizes! I just wonder why it has taken so much time for me to realize it! Well now that I have discovered it, I have hundreds of new ideas... wish a day could last longer than just 24 hours, otherwise it might be a bit hard to realize all of them. ;)

So here we have another pendant, made with a glass pearl and Toho seed beads 11/o and 15/o... the pendant measures around 5,2cm (with the bail) x 3,5cm (2,04 x 1,37").

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

Strange really that this pendant has nothing to do with soutache... and yet that technique was quite a great inspiration to me. Beading can really bring some surprising results, but this is what I love in it the most. :)

Who knows, maybe this pendant will become an inspiration for someone else some day? ;)

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