Sunday, March 3, 2013

Envying soutache...

That's what you get if you are admiring someone else's work and yet it's a mystery to you how they do that. ;)

So I admire all the soutache jewelry, but honestly, I wouldn't even dare to try to make it by myself. But I definitely love all those curves and such - enough to try to implement such details in beadwork. It appeared, that just a normal, flat herringbone stitch gives perfect curves if you use beads in different sizes! I just wonder why it has taken so much time for me to realize it! Well now that I have discovered it, I have hundreds of new ideas... wish a day could last longer than just 24 hours, otherwise it might be a bit hard to realize all of them. ;)

So here we have another pendant, made with a glass pearl and Toho seed beads 11/o and 15/o... the pendant measures around 5,2cm (with the bail) x 3,5cm (2,04 x 1,37").

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

Strange really that this pendant has nothing to do with soutache... and yet that technique was quite a great inspiration to me. Beading can really bring some surprising results, but this is what I love in it the most. :)

Who knows, maybe this pendant will become an inspiration for someone else some day? ;)


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