Thursday, March 7, 2013

And one more beaded ball... ;)

It will never end, I guess I'll keep making beaded balls no matter what. ;)

Another one that has been created recently is made with 6mm wax pearls, 3mm fire polished beads and Preciosa seed beads, all in candy pink colours. It is probably a colour that many people just hate, but for some reason I like working with it. It needs to be a certain range of pink shades though, and that ball represents all of them.

It measures 2,5cm (1") in diameter... and of course it has become just another beaded pendant... It couldn't be anything else, after all. ;)

beaded ball pendant

beaded bead
Now I hope that tomorrow is going to be a bright day, because I need to take a couple of pictures if I still want to update this blog. ;)



  1. Jaka radosna kuleczka:) Fajne kolory!

    1. Ale czy koniecznie dla kogoś, kto ma już ponad trzydziestkę na karku? No cóż, czuję się jeszcze na tyle młoda, by takie różowe cacka nosić. ;)

  2. No właśnie super kolorki ma ta kulka:)co to za kolor ten ciemniejszy różowy?Piękny jest!

    1. To metaliczny ciemny róż wpadający w czerwień z Preciosy. Zalegały u mnie te koraliki, a do tej kulki pasowały jak znalazł. :)

  3. I'd like to give this piece of jewelry to my mom. She likes pink jewelries so much. I can only imagine the look on her face when she sees this. She'll be very happy. :)


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