Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tile starry ball

Another experiment that I have found a small success. ;) A ball made with two-hole tile beads as well as seed beads size 11 and 15... will it be boring if I say that it is my favourite pendant at the moment? I guess so, as I tend to say that about more or less every new pendant that I make. ;) Anyway, the ball measures 3cm (1,18") in diameter and this is how it looks like:

beaded sphere pendant

Also, the tutorial for the beaded cube from this post is already finished... so it should be introduced in the next post. So see you until then. :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

A pendant again... and a few bracelets

I was supposed to write this entry yesterday... but of course I was too busy with beading. ;)

So some bracelets for you to see, but I'm afraid that a post without a pendant wouldn't be really complete in this blog - it's a must, you know, and sometimes I feel like the blog should have been called Eridhan's Pendants instead. It's a miracle you still don't find it boring to visit it. ;)

Okay, so starting with the pendant then. Not a small piece it is, as it measures 5,5cm (2,16") in diameter and it consists of... oh it would be easier to say what it doesn't consist of. There are wax pearls, magatamas, Czech and Toho seed beads size 15, 11, 9 and 8, crackle oval beads, faceted glass cabochon... and I was making it for quite a few hours. Strange really that I managed to finish it, considering that I needed more than one day to do that, and usually I'm too impatient to work on something I can't complete in 3 hours at the most. ;)

But it has been finished and it looks like this:

beaded pendant

The bracelets however were definitely faster to make and they are quite boring if you ask me, just the simple beaded crochet ropes, except of the first one, a macrame bracelet with a central motif inspired by "Seven Sisters" pattern. The beaded part was actually made a few month ago, only recently I have decided to make it as a part of the bracelet. It measures 3,5cm (1,37") in diameter.

So leaving you with the bracelets... and going to work on another tutorial. This time it will be the beaded cube from this post, so stay tuned. :)

beaded macrame bracelet
beaded macrame bracelet
 beaded crochet bracelet

beaded crochet bracelet

beaded crochet bracelet


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beaded beads... and another tutorial. :)

Have finally made the decision which I wasn't sure in the last entry. No bracelets yet, but some beaded beads instead. ;)

So here I come with two beaded beads made of glass pearls and seed beads mostly. And of course now they work for me as pendants... it couldn't have been any different way really. ;)
The green beaded bead is around 4 cm ( 1,57") long and 2 cm (0.78") wide, the pink one measures around 2,5 cm (1") in diameter.

beaded bead

beaded bead

The third thing for today to show is a beaded ball (or a beaded bead too) - a pattern that has been already presented in this entry.  Now the tutorial for this kind of pendant has been finished and it is traditionally available on Craftsy and Etsy. It is very cheap, as always, so make sure to check it out. ;)

beaded bead pattern

Now I have to go, but should be back tomorrow with those promised bracelets... they will be accompanied by another pendant, though. ;)

So see you soon again. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My favourite beaded donut again. ;)

Only not made with wax pearls, but fire polished beads instead. That has made it look a bit different. And more flat too, compared to the previous projects. The cherry beads used for it though are absoultely amazing! Not sure if I have ever seen the more beautiful shade of red really! Along with the hematite beads, they give quite a nice result, don't you think? ;)

beaded donut pendant

As always, the pendant is 4cm (1,57") wide in diameter.

The second thing to show is a necklace. A 3cm wide, black matte lava bead bezeled with white Toho rounds size 11 and 15. It hangs on a beaded rope made with cubic right angle weave stitch - a very flexible one. The total length of the necklace is around 60 cm (12"). The rope however can be worn alone too.

So, that's the necklace:

beaded necklace

And a close-up:

beaded necklace

Next time there will be some bracelets... or maybe beaded core beads? I haven't decided yet. ;P

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Captured crystal and a beaded cube

Time for a short entry and two more pendants. ;)

The first of them consists of a beautiful Preciosa vitrail light octagon crystal and Toho seed beads size 11 and 15. The bezel of the crystal is quite untypical as you see... but that's only because the crystal had a hole which I just needed to hide. ;) It measures 5cm (2") without the bail.

beaded crystal pendant

And the second pendant, a beaded cube, made of 4mm fire polished crystals and Czech seed beads size 10 and 15... The edge of the cube measures 2cm (0,78") and the pendant is extremely light as it's empty inside... Think I'll have to make such a cube of some different color some day, as it was quite easy and fast to create. But until then you can see the one that is already finished. ;)

beaded cube pendant

Will be back soon with more beadwork of course. ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

An award! And a medallion... :)

First of all, I can't believe it has happened, but my blog has got the very first award! I was awarded the Liebster Award by Justyna, who runs a blog Kącik Artystyczny, which you can visit here: . It was even a better surprise, since it has happened on a day I got the first chemoterapy treatment. So while I was receiving some drugs to my veins, my blog celebrated receiving its first award! Yay! ;D

So thank you very, very much, Justyna, I really feel honoured with this award. :)

And here are my responses to your questions:

1. Always pot plants, *always*
2. A North American Indian xD
3. Walk, preferably with a nice company
4. Traditonal book... somehow I can't convince myself to read e-books really
5. Late evening. Or even *very* late evening
6. A movie
7. The comfortable clothes, definitely!
8. Ummm.... hard choice... chocolate? Or a cookie with some chocolate ;)
9. None ;) Oh fine, Facebook then
10. It depends on if I'm hungry or thirsty ;)
11. That is easy. Defeat cancer :P

Now the hard part... I am supposed to nominate 11 blogs to this award too. And trust me, it is *really* hard because there are so many great people running such great blogs! The other problem was, how many followers should those blogs have... some sources say less than 200, some other say that less than 500... very confusing really. But of all those I have ever found, visited and read, I'm chosing the following ones:

I won't have any questions for the owners of these blogs though. Because I feel a bit confused whether they should be in English or not... these blogs are Polish, German, English, Hungarian... not everyone can feel comfortable with responding to English questions then. So the awarded bloggers can nominate eleven blogs and give their own eleven  questions without responding to mine. :)

Also, I want to say hello to all new followers and to all of you, who liked Eridhan Creations on Facebook... This blog isn't that old yet and not very popular so far, but seeing that you visit it, makes me want to run it for longer and never give up. So a huge THANK YOU! :)

And finally, I have a pendant to show... I have spent quite a few hours on making it and used literally hundreds of beads: Czech charlotte beads size 15, Czech seed beads size 11, Toho seed beads size 8 and 15, 4mm fire polished beads and one wax pearl...  all of them resulted with a medallion that is 5cm (2") wide in diameter and looks like this:

beaded medallion pendant

Now that's a pendant that definitely has become my favourite one! ;)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess what? More beaded balls! ;)

That almost becomes boring, don't you think? It's always either a donut or a beaded ball. Ah, damn, I just like making them too much, so hopefully you won't find it boring anyway. ;)

So we'll start with a black sphere... or maybe I should rather say that it's a round cube? ;)
Whatever it is, it consists of six bezelled crystal cabochons bezeled with Toho seed beads (opaque frosted jet size 11 and metallic nebula size 15)... well those cabochons actually used to be a part of my friend's t-shirt, only while visiting me she decided to get rid of them... and I *really* had to make a use of them, couldn't really let them be wasted, could I? ;) These cabochons have been connected altogether and are accompanied by montana blue 4mm bicone cystals. The pendant is around 28mm (1,10") wide in diameter. And here it is:

beaded ball pendant

beaded ball pendant

The second one used to be just a simple beaded ball without any embellishment. After a few years though it received some new look thanks to some Czech seed beads. ;) It is a little bit bigger than the previous one and measures 33mm (1,30") in diameter.

beaded ball

And finally the third one. A pattern that has been shown on here before... it is also the pattern that probably will be the next tutorial too. Czech seed beads plus 6mm wax pearls... 2,5 cm (1") in diameter. Quite heavy, despite being rather small.

beaded sphere pendant

And now, all of them together at once, so you can better see their size... there's also the earring from the last entry as you can see. ;)

beaded balls

For me however it's about time to get some sleep. ;) So good night and I'll see you soon again. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crackle cabochons and beaded balls...

...not used for pendants this time, but some earrings instead. After making that many pendants it was about time to create some earrings really. They were made almost two weeks ago, only I haven't got the occassion to show them on here until now.

The first pair of earrings consists of 4mm wax pearls as well as Czech seed beads. The beaded balls are 22mm (0,9") wide in diameter, and despite looking heavy, they are quite light. The pattern has been designed for pendants with 6mm pearls, so it had to be modified to be more suitable for earrings.

beaded balls earrings

The two next pairs are just round cracle ceramic cabochons bezeled with Toho size 11, 15 and 8 seed beads. Both are 32mm (1,26") wide in diameter.

beaded earrings

beaded earrings

And finally the last one - simple dodecahedrons made from Czech seed beads. They're extremely light and measure around 2cm (0,79") in diameter.

beaded balls earrings

Next time however there will be more pendants again. ;)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Beaded sphere - tutorial

So here I come with another beaded sphere - and another beading tutorial, a very detailed, step-by-step instruction. The pendant has been shown on here already - in this post. Now, if you follow the instruction, you can make one for yourself. ;)

The tutorial is available here on Craftsy and on Etsy.

And here's the pendant - in two different color versions.

beaded sphere pattern

beaded sphere pattern

Now a pendant like this can be yours too. ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beaded crochet bracelets

After some beadweaving, it was finally time to do some bead crocheting instead. So here I am with two bracelets - one with the rose pattern, matching the necklace from this post, and another one, more geometric. The first one is a bit wider, 25 beads per row, while the second one is made with only 20 beads. Both are flattened, as this is the way that I like wearing them. Also, both are made entirely with Toho size 11 seed beads.

So here they are:

beaded crochet bracelets

And separately:

beaded crochet bracelet

beaded crochet bracelet

beaded crochet bracelet

As you can see, the second bracelet is different, depending on which side is up while wearing it. Unfortunately, the colours of the silver-lined milky beads used for this bracelet, despite their beauty, tend to wear off. They had to be protected in order to avoid it happening, so hopefully I can enjoy this bracelet for longer. ;)

And if you want to use the pattern for your project, feel free to do that. It is available just below. :)

beaded crochet bracelet pattern

In the next entry I will return to bead weaving though... So see you soon again. :)

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