Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crackle cabochons and beaded balls...

...not used for pendants this time, but some earrings instead. After making that many pendants it was about time to create some earrings really. They were made almost two weeks ago, only I haven't got the occassion to show them on here until now.

The first pair of earrings consists of 4mm wax pearls as well as Czech seed beads. The beaded balls are 22mm (0,9") wide in diameter, and despite looking heavy, they are quite light. The pattern has been designed for pendants with 6mm pearls, so it had to be modified to be more suitable for earrings.

beaded balls earrings

The two next pairs are just round cracle ceramic cabochons bezeled with Toho size 11, 15 and 8 seed beads. Both are 32mm (1,26") wide in diameter.

beaded earrings

beaded earrings

And finally the last one - simple dodecahedrons made from Czech seed beads. They're extremely light and measure around 2cm (0,79") in diameter.

beaded balls earrings

Next time however there will be more pendants again. ;)


  1. Beautiful earrings by my favorite beader!!! You really make the most beautiful jewelry!

    1. Thank you very much Julia, but your jewelry is beautiful too, you know. :)

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from Italy!
    Many compliments for your creations, absolutely great beadworks!
    Many compliments!

  3. Hello Betty, welcome to my blog, I'm always happy to know that someone is actually visiting it. ;)
    Your beadwork is amazing as well, I'll definitely follow your blog too! :)


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