Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beaded crochet bracelet

Must admit that I was very impressed when I saw the beaded crochet ropes for the first time. Mostly because crocheting sounded like a black magic to me. Yet, I couldn't give up too quickly, even though most of the tutorials available throughout the web haven't been very helpful to me. However once finally I've managed to learn it (thank you, weraph, for your wonderful tutorial!), it has become one of my favourite beading techniques. For ropes like this I have tried tubular peyote stitch before, but crochet ropes are faster to make, easier, and - what is the most important - are very flexible without losing their tubular shape.

This bracelet was waiting for over a week to be finished though, since I couldn't decide what kind of focal bead would fit to it. Eventually made a beaded sphere, using a peyote stitch. Think it was the best choice. ;)

Beaded crochet bracelet

Couldn't help myself though and had to make two more beaded spheres for earrings, however they are slightly smaller than the one used in the bracelet. Their size doesn't exceed 14 mm.

beaded balls earrings

Should make more beaded crochet bracelets soon I think... :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The very first post… ;)

So this is how it looks like…

Gods, would have never thought that I might be running a blog some day, yet it has just happened. Oh well, it cannot be that hard, can it? Hopefully it can’t. ;)

This blog is going to be about hand-made jewellery, as well as some other artisan crafts. Jewellery though will be the main subject of it. So far you, my dear visitors, can see only some older works, but it will surely change quite soon, I promise.

So… enjoy. :)
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