Monday, May 27, 2013

A short update

Some of you have probably noticed that I'm not updating this blog as often as I used to. Don't know if it's a temporary break or not. To be honest I wonder if the blog still should exist... but I won't delete it just yet. Could be though that I won't post any new jewelry ever again. Or could be that I will change my mind and return some day, sooner or later in the future. It all depends on how much time I have left. We'll see.
Thank you all for being here with me. I wish you lots of luck.


  1. Justyna nie usuwaj bloga proszę. Ja będę czekać tutaj na Ciebie. Duuuużo zdrowia i sił Ci życzę!!!

  2. Justyna... nie wiem, co powiedzieć prawdę mówiąc... dołączam do wielkiej prośby Aśki... nie usuwaj bloga... ja wierzę, że wrócisz...

  3. Justynko, zwątpienie dopada każdego, ale potem powracamy silniejsi, pewniejsi wygranej i uzbrojeni w najpotężniejszy oręż - nadzieję! Spójrz w niebo, odetchnij głęboko i uwierz! Koralikami się nie przejmuj, to nałóg :) do niego zawsze się wraca:))

  4. I'm really very sorry....don't remove this wonderful blog full of creativity and hope...this is you!!
    A big hug!

  5. I just found your blog and LOVE it! Your beaded creations are amazing. I hope you choose to keep the blog and return soon. Best wishes!

  6. I only recently found this blog as well, I hope you leave it here and continue to inspire with your beautiful designs and creativity!

  7. Hi Justyna,

    I do sooooo agree with your other friends here who are saying please don't delete your blog. We love being here with you and are sending you our hugs and our prayers and keeping you in our hearts. Dorothy

  8. No one's light shines like yours does, Justyna - we will all bask in it as long as you let us...

    your friend - Tina

  9. Justyna,
    I learned by chance that you are living very difficult time in your life and how you're giving yourself to overcome it and come out on top.
    I hope that the time you have before you is immense, as the distance between the Earth from Mars, and that your joy in creating and give us your wonders for both you one more reason to not give up.
    You can say all the words of this world and would serve little, because only you and only you live, but just a sensitive heart to say that you must not ever beat yourself up and fight like a lioness.
    The will matters a lot and if the accompany of everything else, including the faith, you'll see that can bring light where today there is only darkness more frightening.
    I embrace you tightly, I am close to your heart and your creative gem has no reason to cease to exist, because it is you, talking about you and tells you, and he will live for you.

  10. Beautifully put, Claudia, I couldn't agree more!


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