Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beaded beads... and another tutorial. :)

Have finally made the decision which I wasn't sure in the last entry. No bracelets yet, but some beaded beads instead. ;)

So here I come with two beaded beads made of glass pearls and seed beads mostly. And of course now they work for me as pendants... it couldn't have been any different way really. ;)
The green beaded bead is around 4 cm ( 1,57") long and 2 cm (0.78") wide, the pink one measures around 2,5 cm (1") in diameter.

beaded bead

beaded bead

The third thing for today to show is a beaded ball (or a beaded bead too) - a pattern that has been already presented in this entry.  Now the tutorial for this kind of pendant has been finished and it is traditionally available on Craftsy and Etsy. It is very cheap, as always, so make sure to check it out. ;)

beaded bead pattern

Now I have to go, but should be back tomorrow with those promised bracelets... they will be accompanied by another pendant, though. ;)

So see you soon again. :)

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