Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to the life - with some new beading patterns of course ;)

So, here I am again - staying in bed was extremely boring, trust me - but at least I could do some other work, not exactly beading though, but related to beading. Two new tutorials for the patterns that have been already presented here, plus another one, for dodecahedral earrings. Yep I know, it's pretty amazing that I managed to make another pair of earrings instead of just these boring pendants. ;) Anyway I hope you'll like them - both the pendants and the earrings really. ;)

Okay, the first is the pattern for the dodecahedral earrings. Beaded beads made with 4mm wax pearls, 11/o seed beads and 2mm metal ball, measuring around 2,5cm (1") in the widest point - in fact they look a bit smaller than they are in reality, probably because they're not the perfect spheres.

And these earrings look like this:

beaded beads pattern

And a close-up:

beaded ball tutorial

This tutorial is available here (Etsy) and here (Craftsy).

The second pattern I have made is for the netted beaded pendant, that you could see already in this post. But there are two more such pendants, that you can see below:

beaded pendant pattern
beaded pendant tutorial

The pendant, as you can see, is mostly made with 6mm wax pearls and 11/o seed beads. It measures around 4cm (1,57") in diameter. Quite easy and fast to make, and you can find the tutorial here and here. :)

And finally, the last pattern, for another beaded ball - or a beaded bead, whatever you wish. ;)
Small ornamental ball, not exceeding 2,5cm (1") in diameter, made with fire polished beads and 11/o & 15/o seed beads. Tiny, but quite eye-catching. Better for a pendant though than for the earrings in my humble opinion... but it can serve in any way you wish. ;)

beaded ball pattern

beaded bead tutorial

The tutorial for this beaded bead is available here and here.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed. Time to get some rest - but I'll see you all soon again. :)


  1. Jestem Twoją oddaną fanką :) Twoje prace beadingowe i wrapkowe są przecudowne. Mistrzowski poziom :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

    1. Jeeeej! Urosłam znowu z dziesięć centymetrów!! ;)
      A poważnie, bardzo bardzo bardzo dziękuję za tak miłe słowa. :)
      Pozdrawiam równie serdecznie. :)

  2. Jak zawsze mnie zadziwiasz pomysłowością. Pierwszy wisiorek skradł moje serce!

    1. No tak, teraz wyjdzie, że robię złodziejskie wisiorki. ;)
      Ale dziękuję bardzo. :)

  3. Someone just sent me the link to you blog, every thing is wonderful. You are very talented. thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much for your words, I'm always more than happy to hear something like this. :)


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