Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beadwork, beadwork...

Yes, lots of beadwork this time. ;)

As I am running out of time, I have been working harder than usually, making as much jewelry as possible. Good thing there's only some simple jewelry to make now... all the more complicated projects are already finished. Here however you can see the simpler ones too. ;)

The beaded sphere that can be seen below was actually made more than two weeks ago. It was only waiting to get a bail, so it could work as a pendant. Now it's ready to be shown to the world. ;) It is the same dodecahedron as used in the earrings from here, only that it is bigger, measuring 2,5 cm (1") in diameter. A pattern that I have designed by myself, which I'm extremely proud of. ;)

This beaded bead is made of Czech seed beads as well as 6mm crackle beads.

beaded sphere pendant

Have made a few bracelets too, a necklace, some earrings... some others are still waiting to be finished though. One of the bracelets is a beaded crochet rope (yes, I can't live without bead crocheting for long), with a silver spectra bead as a focal point. The second one is a turquoise macrame bracelet, with a peyote bead... that one goes with matching earrings. The third one was extremely time consuming, as probably it is the first and the last bracelet of this style I have made. Twisted peyote isn't something for me I suppose... too tedious. ;)

But here they are:

beaded crochet bracelet

macrame bracelet

twisted tubular peyote bracelet

The necklace is a pretty long (70cm - 27,56") twisted herringbone rope with two decorative diamond shape elements, made with cubic right angle weave. Since it is possible to slide the rope through one of them, its length can be easily adjusted. I don't even want to count the hours I spent on making it... ;)

herringbone necklace

And finally, some small, simple earrings... Cubic right angle weave stitch combined with peyote, and light green metalic spectra beads. At least I could make them in less than two hours. ;)

cubic right angle weave earrings

And that's all... at least for this post.
Because another set I have recently made, deserves its very own blog entry... ;)

So see you soon again. ;)


  1. No tak:)Więc popełniłam kolorowy plagiat hihi. Ale naprawdę nieumyślnie!!:)Dlaczego ja tu nie dotarłam?Przeciez cały Twoj blog wydawało mi się, że na pamięć znam.

    1. Wielkie umysły myślą podobnie... czy jakoś tak. ;D
      A ten post jest stary, pisany w czasach kiedy jeszcze nikt tu nie zaglądał. ;)


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