Saturday, October 6, 2012

Come To The Dark Side... ;)

beaded crochet bracelet

Or to the light one, if that is what you prefer. ;)

beaded crochet bracelet
Yep, that is the good thing with that kind of bracelet. It's a beaded crochet rope (of course! ;) ), made of Czech glass silver-lined seed beads, twenty beads per row and flattened, so I can actually wear it with the dark side on the front or the light one if that's what I feel like. The bronze and the beige work well together, and those silver sparkling holes actually make the bracelet look like its colours interfuse. The effect looks better for real though. Anyway, that's how the entire bracelet looks like:

beaded crochet bracelet

The bronze/beige bracelet has been actually made as a second rope of that style. The first one, which also was my training bracelet, since I was just learning this technique of bead crocheting, was black and red, with a little bit of gold. Used Chech seed beads for that one too. Actually, this shade of red is one of my favourite colours amongst all of Preciosa/Jablonex beads. It has one big flaw though. The colour wears off easily. However, my affection for this colour and the need of using it as often as possible contributed to something good at least - I have found a great way for protecting the beads and no more wearing the colour off for me! ;D Wonder if I should share the secret, though. ;)

Well, that's how the mentioned above bracelet look like:

beaded crochet bracelet

And it can be worn like this:

beaded crochet bracelet

 Or this:

beaded crochet bracelet

And no, the stripes aren't boring! Below you can see the proof that the statement was true for me. ;)
They only need to be finished now... oh well, making the right angle weave endings for all of them will probably require ten years or so... ;P

beaded crochet bracelets

Hopefully I can finish them sooner, though. ;)


  1. Piękne bransolety:)Pozdrawiam

    1. Dziękuję bardzo, Twoim bransoletkom również nic nie brakuje. ;)


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