Monday, November 5, 2012

Some more beaded donuts and a crochet necklace

Only some other pattern this time. Two beaded donut pendants made of glass wax pearls, fire polished crystals and seed beads. They are double sided (both sides look the same) and measure 4 cm (1,57") in diameter. Not much else can be written about them though... it's just better to see them, so here they are: :)

beaded donut pendant

beaded donut pendant

The necklace however is just a mere beaded crochet rope, accompanied with three beaded balls. It is 112 cm (44") long, made entirely of Preciosa dark grey, silver lined seed beads, and it can be worn in a few different ways. The two of them shown below are just an example... the necklace gives some more possibilities too.

beaded crochet necklacebeaded crochet necklace

And, the last thing for today... A beaded crochet bracelet that was strongly inspired by Chudibeads' projects. She makes beautiful beaded ropes, you have to admit! My bracelet though is a bit simpler... and yet it is one of my favourites at the moment. 

So, enjoy and until the next time. :)

beaded crochet bracelet

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  1. Piękne rzeczy :)
    Ten naszyjnik mnie zachwycił. Miałabyś coś przeciwko gdybym zrobiła podobny naszyjnik, również z 3 kulkami?


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