Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just another donut pendant... and a little thief ;)

It's been a long time since the last entry... Well the illness doesn't really help me in updating this blog more often, it doesn't mean though that I don't do any beading at all. In fact I do lots of beading, since it is more or less the only thing that helps me to relax and doesn't make me too tired either... So, there's a few new things for you to see. :)

As the title says, another beaded donut has been made recently. In fact it is more or less exactly the same pattern as the one from here, only with some different beads - oval spectra beads 11x8 mm, and some different embellishment too. And they do make quite a difference, don't you think? ;)

beaded donut pendant

The other side of this pendant looks almost the same. But only almost. ;)

beaded donut pendant

The pendant measures 4,5 cm (1,57") in diameter.

And since I got to like those beads quite much, I have used them for some other project too. A simple necklace with a core beaded bead, that can be slided up and down on the ropes, so it can be worn in a few different ways. It has been quite a challenge though to take a picture of it... It's all because a certain black devil has appeared out of nowhere...

beaded core bead

...and decided to steal it for herself. ;)

beaded core bead

The devil was generous enough though to allow me to take some more pictures before she had taken the necklace with her. Thank you, devil, for being so kind! ;)

So, this is how the necklace can be worn:

beaded necklacebeaded necklace

And the core bead (3,3cm long and 2,5cm wide) looks like this:

beaded core bead

And soon there will be another blog entry with some new beadwork for you to see. :)

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