Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beaded cross and some earrings...

Yep, finally have made some earrings! I wouldn't have been myself though if I hadn't made some pendants too though. So in this entry you can see them both. Starting with the pendant anyway. ;)

The pendant is made from 6mm fire polished beads, 4mm bicones, 2mm metal balls and size 11 seed beads. It is double sided  and it measures 4,5 cm (1,57") without the bail. Not a typical pattern for me though since its shape more or less resembles a cross, but a very nice pendant to wear anyway. ;)

beaded cross pendant

So the earrings I have made, at least one pair of them, is supposed to suit the pendant. It does, but only considering the colors, since they're made from exactly the same beads, but not when it comes to the shape. Oh well, I wouldn't wear both of them at the same time anyway. ;P The earrings measure 22mm (0.78") in diameter.

beaded earrings

And finally the second pair of earrings, quite tiny ones, since they measure only 18mm (0,70"), which match the pendant from here. Made, as the earrings from above, from 6mm and 4mm fire polished beads and some metal 2mm balls. These ones, in opposition to the first pair, look quite well while wearing with the pendant. That can make me wear them more often then. ;)

beaded earrings

And in the next entry - back to bead crocheting. ;)

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