Monday, December 17, 2012

A simple beaded pendant...

Very simple, double-sided beaded pendant made from fire polished beads (6mm and 4mm), that is 4cm (1,57") wide in diameter. Despite being double sided it is also quite flat - only 1,3cm (0,39"). Not a very complicated pattern though, yet it doesn't look bad hanging on a long chain... One of my favourite ones to wear recently - at least until I make another one that I'll like better I suppose. ;)

beaded pendant

Also, have made a few simple beaded balls recently that work as earrings for me now. A whole bunch of them really, so colorful that they look like candy. Yummy! ;)

beaded balls

Next time there will be some more crocheting... and tatting. So don't forget to check the blog again soon! ;)

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  1. your work just keeps on getting better and better. I knew you could do it... with courage and happy thoughts anything is possible. Marcie Lynne


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