Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two pendants in one ;)

True, two pendants in one. Just because it is double sided and these sides differ a bit from each other. Sure, it is exactly the same pattern on both sides, only the colours of the beads are different, still it works fine as two pendants. It is made from 6mm crackle round beads, 4mm pearls, Czech seed beads and Toho seed beads. It measures 4,5 cm (1,57") in diameter without the bail. And it looks like a flower to me. ;)

So, this is one of the sides:

beaded pendant

And this is the other one:

beaded pendant

Also, there's one beaded crochet bracelet that has been made and photographed long time ago, but not shown on here yet. Nothing special really, a simple one, but I thought I needed something green for this post too, to fit the flowers. ;)

beaded crochet bracelet

Next time there will be some beaded spheres to see. So until then. :)

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