Monday, July 23, 2012

The Earrings Challenge - Part 2. Back to wire-wrapping

So here we are, the Earrings Challenge is being continued again.

Not quite sure if I can still call it the challenge, since the idea of it died very quickly, as some other duties... yes, let's call it duties, although it was just a kitten, a monster kitten though, haven't let me do much. Had to hide the beads deeply if I didn't want to risk losing them... tried to hide my hands too to keep them safe, but with that I was constantly failing. ;) Eventually the little twister luckily has found a new loving owner, so I could get back to beading.

And not only beading. Whole ages have passed since I played around with wire for the last time... Once favourite jewelry making technique has been forgotten for a few years. Thought however that it might be a good idea to see if I can still work with wire... have I succeeded? I don't know. I know that my fingers were extermely aching the day after I returned to the wire-wrapping. Now though they're getting better, so I can continue with making more wire earrings once I post this entry.

The effects of my last days' work you can see below.

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

The earrings are made of silver plated copper, oxidized (at least the first three pairs) to achieve a dark grey colour of the metal. It didn't fit to the last pair though so it is going to keep the light silver innocent look. In all of the earrings the wire is accompanied by the wax pearls in different sizes and colours as well as the metal beads. And they required *a lot* of time to be finished... well, wire-wrapping is very time consuming, but the effect is worth the hard work.

But I couldn't forget about bead weaving either... And since I liked the beaded dodecahedrons from here quite much, decided to make some more of them. This time a little bit bigger than the last ones, since I used the bigger seed beads. They measure 1,8 cm (0,71") in diameter.

beaded balls earrings

And another pattern that I decided to recreate... Originally it was designed as a beaded ball made of seed beads along with 6mm pearls. Good for a pendant, but not for the earrings, since it was just too big. It was almost a challenge too to make it smaller, so I could use 4mm beads and make the spheres more fitting for earrings. The earrings are already finished, as you can see in the picture below...

beaded balls earrings

... and another pendant of this desing is being made and that's how the original one looks:

beaded ball pendant

The next pair of earrings is quite simple, made of tiny metal beads using a cubic right angle weave stitch. The pearls however aren't that orange for real... the picture lies in this case. ;P

beaded earrings

And the last piece of jewelry that I have managed to complete. A tiny wire wrapped pendant that is only 2cm (0.79") wide in diameter. Some wire, some chain, some metal beads and a gemstone I cannot name... couldn't oxidize it either, so it will remain the way it is...

wire wrapped pendant

Hopefully I can show some more effects of my work soon. :)


  1. Glad things got sorted out with the little devil that you took care of for a while.

    The jewelry however... would a big "WOW!" do? Can't find the right words really, they are very pretty. =)

    1. Thank you, it definitely will do, even though they could be better... as always I'm not completely satisfied with them. ;)


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