Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Earrings Challenge

More than a month now to the market event, where my jewellery is going to debut... Feels like a lot of time, but in fact not too much to make enough items it seems... That problem I'm trying to solve with The Earrings Challenge - my private challenge to make one pair of earrings every day - at least during the first two weeks. Only then I can make some other projects. Well, so far I have managed to make two pairs... wanted to make something simple to be honest, but apparently it is beyond my possibilities and I spent almost two hours on one earring instead... ;P

The main part of the first pair are very tiny dodecahedrons (only 1,5 cm/0,6") made of black and grey silver-lined seed beads.  They are nothing else but simple beaded balls, just with one additional layer of beads. The dodecahedrons are combined with a square charm in matching colours, stitched with a cubic right angle weave.

beaded earrings

The second pair was made again with cubic right angle weave, this time formed to a round shape. Woven with small metal balls, embellished with hematite seed beads and with a matte glass pearl hidden inside them. They were extremely time consuming, even though they aren't very big - each of them is only 2,5 cm (1 inch) wide in diameter.

beaded earrings

And beyond any challenge I managed to make one more thing within the last few days. A transparent octagon Preciosa crystal, bezelled with grey (matte and silver-lined) and white seed beads, as well as 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals. Looks like a grey sunflower to me and it is going to be one of my favourite pendants. :)

crystal pendant

And now it's time to start making more earrings! ;)

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  1. Beautiful things as always.

    Keep up the good work. =)


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