Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bezelled octagon and a beaded crochet rope

When I have found some Preciosa 18mm octagons for a very reasonable price, couldn't just help but order a few, although I didn't know what I could use them for at that time. Especially one of them, Bermuda Blue, has drawn my attention and it was the first I decided to work with. Its colour really makes me dream of lying on the beach on some tropical island and watching the wide, clear, turquoise ocean... Gods, I think I need some vacation! ;)

Too bad it is impossible at the moment and my Bermuda Blue crystal needs to serve some other purpose to not remind me of any holidays. Only had to dress it in snowy white seed beads and it has become a perfect focal bead in another beaded crochet bracelet. It doesn't look like a octagon anymore though, but who said that only round rivoli crystals could be bezelled to achieve a similar effect? ;)

crystal beaded crochet bracelet

Yes, I love making beaded crochet ropes. I can make two bracelets in just one evening, while on some more complex projects I have to work for many hours... So I have finished quite a few of them recently and have a few more in my nearest beading plans. Like making a similar bezelled octagon, this time a Vitrail Light one, with a double rope in matching violet and light blue. It will have to wait a few days though... Until then you can see some of the latest crocheted bracelets I have made.

Like this one, with a beaded sphere again, this time used as a charm...

beaded crochet bracelet

...and this one, with a charm of a different shape, made with cubic right angle weave stitch...

beaded crochet bracelet

...and two more with the beaded spheres (I must be crazy about them since I make them so often)...
beaded crochet bracelets

...and the last one, made of transparent beads, with a shading effect given entirely by the floss.

Beaded crochet bracelet

I'm pretty sure that's not the end of the beaded crochet ropes on here yet. ;)


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    1. Please do not publish links in the comments unless they refer to the entry content. Thank you.

  2. I would definately by some of these earrings,if they were for sale in England.

    1. They probably soon will be available for everyone at Etsy. :)


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