Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Poinsettia - free Delica pattern :)

Hope the holidays bring you millions of reasons to smile! Happy Holidays to all of you! :)

And I have a little present for you - a peyote pattern for a Delica bracelet with a motif of Christmas Poinsettia. Happy beading! :)

Bead list:

Chart #:A
Ceylon Light Yellow

Chart #:B 
Semi-Matte Silver Lined Dark Grey-Green 

Chart #:C
Transparent Light Moss Green 

Chart #:D
Opaque Matte Avocado 

Chart #:E
Red Luster Opaque
Chart #:F 
Silver Lined Dk Cranberry

Chart #:G
Opaque Currant

Chart #:H
Silver Lined Burnt Orange

Chart #:I
Opaque Matte Currant

Chart #:J
Gold Lined Crystal

Chart #:K
Jet Black Matte

Chart #:L
Opaque Dark Cranberry

Chart #:M
Matte Opaque Avocado AB

Chart #:N
Lined Light Cranberry AB

Row 1&2 (L)  (12)A, (1)N, (17)A
Row 3 (R)  (9)A, (1)E, (5)A
Row 4 (L)  (5)A, (1)H, (1)N, (8)A
Row 5 (R)  (9)A, (2)E, (4)A
Row 6 (L)  (4)A, (2)E, (1)F, (8)A
Row 7 (R)  (8)A, (2)F, (2)E, (3)A
Row 8 (L)  (3)A, (2)E, (2)F, (8)A
Row 9 (R)  (8)A, (1)G, (1)F, (3)E, (2)A
Row 10 (L)  (3)A, (1)E, (3)F, (1)G, (7)A
Row 11 (R)  (8)A, (2)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (2)A
Row 12 (L)  (2)A, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (3)F, (7)A
Row 13 (R)  (7)A, (2)G, (3)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)A
Row 14 (L)  (1)A, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 15 (R)  (4)A, (3)B, (1)H, (2)G, (1)F, (2)E, (1)F, (1)A
Row 16 (L)  (1)F, (1)H, (2)E, (4)G, (1)I, (1)M, (2)B, (3)A
Row 17 (R)  (3)A, (2)C, (1)M, (1)B, (4)G, (2)E, (2)F
Row 18 (L)  (1)H, (2)F, (1)E, (4)G, (1)I, (4)C, (2)A
Row 19 (R)  (2)A, (1)C, (2)B, (2)C, (5)G, (1)E, (2)F
Row 20 (L)  (2)E, (1)F, (1)E, (4)G, (1)D, (1)C, (2)B, (1)C, (1)B, (1)C
Row 21 (R)  (1)A, (2)M, (4)B, (1)I, (3)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)E
Row 22 (L)  (1)G, (1)E, (2)G, (1)F, (1)L, (2)F, (1)I, (2)D, (1)B, (1)M, (2)B
Row 23 (R)  (1)A, (4)B, (1)D, (2)F, (1)L, (1)F, (2)L, (1)F, (2)E
Row 24 (L)  (1)H, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)L, (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)I, (3)D, (1)B, (1)A
Row 25 (R)  (2)A, (1)B, (3)D, (1)F, (1)E, (2)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (1)E, (1)F
Row 26 (L)  (1)E, (3)F, (1)E, (1)L, (1)E, (1)H, (1)E, (3)D, (1)B, (2)A
Row 27 (R)  (3)A, (1)B, (2)D, (1)K, (1)L, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F, (2)E, (1)L, (1)F
Row 28 (L)  (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)L, (2)E, (1)H, (1)L, (1)E, (1)I, (1)D, (1)B, (1)M, (2)A
Row 29 (R)  (3)A, (1)M, (1)B, (1)D, (1)I, (1)F, (1)L, (1)H, (1)E, (1)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F
Row 30 (L)  (2)F, (1)L, (2)E, (1)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)I, (2)D, (1)B, (3)A
Row 31 (R)  (3)A, (1)B, (2)D, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (1)E, (2)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F
Row 32 (L)  (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)H, (1)E, (2)L, (1)G, (1)F, (1)D, (1)B, (3)A
Row 33 (R)  (4)A, (1)D, (3)F, (2)L, (2)H, (2)F, (1)H
Row 34 (L)  (1)F, (1)H, (1)G, (1)H, (1)E, (3)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)D, (3)A
Row 35 (R)  (3)A, (1)N, (1)H, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (3)L, (1)E, (1)F, (1)J
Row 36 (L)  (1)G, (1)F, (1)H, (3)L, (1)H, (1)I, (2)F, (1)E, (1)H, (1)N, (2)A
Row 37 (R)  (2)A, (1)N, (1)E, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)H, (2)L, (1)F, (1)J, (1)K
Row 38 (L)  (1)K, (1)F, (1)K, (1)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (3)E, (1)N, (1)A
Row 39 (R)  (2)A, (3)E, (2)F, (3)G, (2)F, (1)J, (1)G, (1)J
Row 40 (L)  (2)K, (1)J, (1)F, (2)G, (6)F, (1)E, (2)A
Row 41 (R)  (3)A, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (3)F, (1)G, (1)J, (1)K
Row 42 (L)  (3)I, (1)F, (1)L, (1)E, (3)G, (4)F, (2)A
Row 43 (R)  (3)A, (3)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (2)F, (1)G, (1)K, (1)J
Row 44 (L)  (1)J, (1)K, (1)G, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)E, (1)G, (4)F, (3)A
Row 45 (R)  (3)A, (4)F, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (2)F, (2)G, (1)K
Row 46 (L)  (1)I, (2)G, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (3)F, (3)A
Row 47 (R)  (4)A, (1)E, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)L, (3)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)J
Row 48 (L)  (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (2)F, (2)L, (2)G, (1)F, (4)A
Row 49 (R)  (5)A, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (2)F, (1)G
Row 50 (L)  (4)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (5)A
Row 51 (R)  (6)A, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (5)F
Row 52 (L)  (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (4)F, (1)L, (1)H, (6)A
Row 53 (R)  (6)A, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)G, (2)F
Row 54 (L)  (1)G, (1)F, (3)G, (3)F, (1)L, (2)D, (4)A
Row 55 (R)  (4)A, (2)D, (2)E, (1)F, (4)G, (2)L
Row 56 (L)  (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (3)G, (2)F, (1)E, (1)F, (2)D, (3)A
Row 57 (R)  (4)A, (1)D, (1)F, (1)E, (2)F, (4)G, (2)L
Row 58 (L)  (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (2)G, (4)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)D, (3)A
Row 59 (R)  (3)A, (1)D, (1)B, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (3)G, (1)L, (1)E
Row 60 (L)  (1)F, (3)E, (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)E, (3)F, (1)B, (1)D, (2)A
Row 61 (R)  (3)A, (2)B, (5)F, (1)D, (2)F, (2)E
Row 62 (L)  (2)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)H, (1)I, (1)D, (3)F, (3)B, (2)A
Row 63 (R)  (2)A, (1)D, (6)B, (1)D, (1)I, (1)E, (1)F, (2)E
Row 64 (L)  (2)E, (2)F, (1)H, (1)B, (1)D, (6)B, (2)A
Row 65 (R)  (2)A, (1)D, (2)B, (2)D, (1)B, (1)D, (2)I, (1)E, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E
Row 66 (L)  (1)E, (2)F, (1)L, (1)H, (2)I, (5)D, (1)B, (1)D, (1)A
Row 67 (R)  (2)A, (1)B, (6)D, (2)I, (1)H, (1)L, (2)F
Row 68 (L)  (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)D, (2)I, (3)D, (4)B, (1)A
Row 69 (R)  (1)A, (1)D, (3)B, (3)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)H, (2)L, (1)F
Row 70 (L)  (1)E, (1)F, (1)L, (1)H, (1)D, (3)I, (3)D, (3)B, (1)A
Row 71 (R)  (1)A, (3)B, (3)D, (2)I, (3)D, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F
Row 72 (L)  (2)E, (1)H, (1)A, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (2)I, (3)D, (2)B, (1)A
Row 73 (R)  (1)A, (2)B, (3)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)I, (2)D, (1)A, (1)H, (1)L
Row 74 (L)  (1)F, (1)H, (2)A, (3)D, (3)I, (2)D, (3)B
Row 75 (R)  (1)A, (2)B, (2)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)I, (1)D, (3)A, (1)H
Row 76 (L)  (1)E, (3)A, (2)D, (1)I, (2)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)C, (1)B
Row 77 (R)  (1)B, (1)C, (2)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)I, (3)D, (4)A
Row 78 (L)  (5)A, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)C
Row 79 (R)  (1)B, (2)D, (2)I, (5)D, (5)A
Row 80 (L)  (6)A, (3)D, (4)I, (1)D, (1)C
Row 81 (R)  (1)C, (2)I, (6)D, (6)A
Row 82 (L)  (7)A, (7)D, (1)I
Row 83 (R)  (1)C, (1)D, (13)A
Row 84 (L)  (1)D, (13)A, (1)D
Row 85 (R)  (1)D, (13)A, (1)D
Row 86 (L)  (1)C, (1)D, (13)A
Row 87 (R)  (7)A, (7)D, (1)I
Row 88 (L)  (1)C, (2)I, (6)D, (6)A
Row 89 (R)  (6)A, (3)D, (4)I, (1)D, (1)C
Row 90 (L)  (1)B, (2)D, (2)I, (5)D, (5)A
Row 91 (R)  (5)A, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)C
Row 92 (L)  (1)B, (1)C, (2)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)I, (3)D, (4)A
Row 93 (R)  (1)E, (3)A, (2)D, (1)I, (2)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)C, (1)B
Row 94 (L)  (1)A, (2)B, (2)D, (2)I, (2)D, (1)I, (1)D, (3)A, (1)H
Row 95 (R)  (1)F, (1)H, (2)A, (3)D, (3)I, (2)D, (3)B
Row 96 (L)  (1)A, (2)B, (3)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)I, (2)D, (1)A, (1)H, (1)L
Row 97 (R)  (2)E, (1)H, (1)A, (1)D, (1)I, (1)D, (2)I, (3)D, (2)B, (1)A
Row 98 (L)  (1)A, (3)B, (3)D, (2)I, (3)D, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F
Row 99 (R)  (1)E, (1)F, (1)L, (1)H, (1)D, (3)I, (3)D, (3)B, (1)A
Row 100 (L)  (1)A, (1)D, (3)B, (3)D, (2)I, (1)D, (1)H, (2)L, (1)F
Row 101 (R)  (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)D, (2)I, (3)D, (4)B, (1)A
Row 102 (L)  (2)A, (1)B, (6)D, (2)I, (1)H, (1)L, (2)F
Row 103 (R)  (1)E, (2)F, (1)L, (1)H, (2)I, (5)D, (1)B, (1)D, (1)A
Row 104 (L)  (2)A, (1)D, (2)B, (4)D, (2)I, (1)E, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E
Row 105 (R)  (2)E, (2)F, (1)H, (1)B, (1)D, (6)B, (2)A
Row 106 (L)  (2)A, (1)D, (6)B, (1)D, (1)I, (1)E, (1)F, (2)E
Row 107 (R)  (2)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)H, (1)I, (1)D, (3)F, (3)B, (2)A
Row 108 (L)  (3)A, (2)B, (5)F, (1)D, (2)F, (2)E
Row 109 (R)  (1)F, (3)E, (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)E, (3)F, (1)B, (1)D, (2)A
Row 110 (L)  (3)A, (1)D, (1)B, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (3)G, (1)L, (1)E
Row 111 (R)  (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (2)G, (4)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)D, (3)A
Row 112 (L)  (4)A, (1)D, (1)F, (1)E, (2)F, (4)G, (2)L
Row 113 (R)  (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (3)G, (2)F, (1)E, (1)F, (2)D, (3)A
Row 114 (L)  (4)A, (2)D, (2)E, (1)F, (4)G, (2)L
Row 115 (R)  (1)G, (1)F, (3)G, (3)F, (1)L, (2)D, (4)A
Row 116 (L)  (6)A, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)G, (2)F
Row 117 (R)  (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (4)F, (1)L, (1)H, (6)A
Row 118 (L)  (6)A, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (5)F
Row 119 (R)  (4)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (5)A
Row 120 (L)  (5)A, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (2)F, (1)G
Row 121 (R)  (1)H, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (2)F, (2)L, (2)G, (1)F, (4)A
Row 122 (L)  (4)A, (1)E, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)L, (3)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)J
Row 123 (R)  (1)I, (2)G, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (3)F, (3)A
Row 124 (L)  (3)A, (4)F, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (2)F, (2)G, (1)K
Row 125 (R)  (1)J, (1)K, (1)G, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)E, (1)G, (4)F, (3)A
Row 126 (L)  (3)A, (3)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (2)F, (1)G, (1)K, (1)J
Row 127 (R)  (3)I, (1)F, (1)L, (1)E, (3)G, (4)F, (2)A
Row 128 (L)  (3)A, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (3)F, (1)G, (1)J, (1)K
Row 129 (R)  (2)K, (1)J, (1)F, (2)G, (6)F, (1)E, (2)A
Row 130 (L)  (2)A, (3)E, (2)F, (3)G, (2)F, (1)J, (1)G, (1)J
Row 131 (R)  (1)K, (1)F, (1)K, (1)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (3)E, (1)N, (1)A
Row 132 (L)  (2)A, (1)N, (1)E, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)F, (1)G, (1)H, (2)L, (1)F, (1)J, (1)K
Row 133 (R)  (1)G, (1)F, (1)H, (3)L, (1)H, (1)I, (2)F, (1)E, (1)H, (1)N, (2)A
Row 134 (L)  (3)A, (1)N, (1)H, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)E, (3)L, (1)E, (1)F, (1)J
Row 135 (R)  (1)F, (1)H, (1)G, (1)H, (1)E, (3)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F, (1)D, (3)A
Row 136 (L)  (4)A, (1)D, (3)F, (2)L, (2)H, (2)F, (1)H
Row 137 (R)  (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)H, (1)E, (2)L, (1)G, (1)F, (1)D, (1)B, (3)A
Row 138 (L)  (3)A, (1)B, (2)D, (1)G, (1)E, (1)L, (1)E, (2)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F
Row 139 (R)  (2)F, (1)L, (2)E, (1)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)I, (2)D, (1)B, (3)A
Row 140 (L)  (3)A, (1)M, (1)B, (1)D, (1)I, (1)F, (1)L, (1)H, (1)E, (1)H, (1)F, (1)L, (1)F
Row 141 (R)  (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)L, (2)E, (1)H, (1)L, (1)E, (1)I, (1)D, (1)B, (1)M, (2)A
Row 142 (L)  (3)A, (1)B, (2)D, (1)K, (1)L, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F, (2)E, (1)L, (1)F
Row 143 (R)  (1)E, (3)F, (1)E, (1)L, (1)E, (1)H, (1)E, (3)D, (1)B, (2)A
Row 144 (L)  (2)A, (1)B, (3)D, (1)F, (1)E, (2)L, (1)F, (1)L, (1)G, (1)E, (1)F
Row 145 (R)  (1)H, (1)L, (1)F, (1)G, (1)L, (2)F, (1)L, (1)E, (1)I, (3)D, (1)B, (1)A
Row 146 (L)  (1)A, (4)B, (1)D, (2)F, (1)L, (1)F, (2)L, (1)F, (2)E
Row 147 (R)  (1)G, (1)E, (2)G, (1)F, (1)L, (2)F, (1)I, (2)D, (1)B, (1)M, (2)B
Row 148 (L)  (1)A, (2)M, (4)B, (1)I, (3)F, (1)G, (2)F, (1)E
Row 149 (R)  (2)E, (1)F, (1)E, (4)G, (1)D, (1)C, (2)B, (1)C, (1)B, (1)C
Row 150 (L)  (2)A, (1)C, (2)B, (2)C, (5)G, (1)E, (2)F
Row 151 (R)  (1)H, (2)F, (1)E, (4)G, (1)I, (4)C, (2)A
Row 152 (L)  (3)A, (2)C, (1)M, (1)B, (4)G, (2)E, (2)F
Row 153 (R)  (1)F, (1)H, (2)E, (4)G, (1)I, (1)M, (2)B, (3)A
Row 154 (L)  (4)A, (3)B, (1)H, (2)G, (1)F, (2)E, (1)F, (1)A
Row 155 (R)  (1)A, (1)H, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (1)F, (2)G, (7)A
Row 156 (L)  (7)A, (2)G, (3)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)A
Row 157 (R)  (2)A, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (3)F, (7)A
Row 158 (L)  (8)A, (2)F, (1)E, (1)F, (1)E, (2)A
Row 159 (R)  (3)A, (1)E, (3)F, (1)G, (7)A
Row 160 (L)  (8)A, (1)G, (1)F, (3)E, (2)A
Row 161 (R)  (3)A, (2)E, (2)F, (8)A
Row 162 (L)  (8)A, (2)F, (2)E, (3)A
Row 163 (R)  (4)A, (2)E, (1)F, (8)A
Row 164 (L)  (9)A, (2)E, (4)A
Row 165 (R)  (5)A, (1)H, (1)N, (8)A
Row 166 (L)  (9)A, (1)E, (5)A
Row 167 (R)  (6)A, (1)N, (8)A 
Row 168 (L)  (15)A

Have fun! :)


Friday, December 13, 2013

Cosmic Magma - crystal pendant

I caught some daylight today! It means that I didn't have to wait until tomorrow to take some pictures. So please let me show you one of my latest creations. It's a pendant (yeah... another one... boooring... ;) ), with a beautiful red magma crystal by Swarovski, surrounded by seed beads. I think I bought this crystal light years ago... I guess it has been waiting for long enough. :)

The shape of the pendant is determined by the shape of the glass. "Cosmic" crystal wasn't very symmetrical so I didn't even try to make a symmetrical pendant either. It is double sided though, with the back side being almost the same.

The pendant is 5cm (2") long without the bail and 4 cm (1,57") wide at the widest point.

And this is how it looks like:

beaded pendant
crystal pendant

beaded pendant

This is the back side:

crystal pendant

And this one is catching the daylight... :)

crystal red magma

Until next time, my friends, have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beaded donut

As it was promised, no more beaded spheres. It's time for another beaded donut though. A piece made from an old pattern introduced in this post, but I wanted to make it again, with some different colour combination. So there we have a black, hematite and copper donut... only the copper beads look too light in the pictures for some reason. They're a bit darker in reality, which I couldn't really capture. Unfortunately, it's not the best time of the year for taking good quality photos if you don't have any light tent and you count for a daylight only...

The pendant is made with Toho seed beads size 11 and 8 as well as fire polished beads (3mm and 4mm). It measures around 5cm (2") in diameter without the bail and the pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

It was the last piece made from an existing pattern. I have made a few new designs, only I'm waiting for the weekend to take the pictures. You should be able to see them soon. :)

Oh, and I've got one word to Asia! If you want to try the pattern out again, I might have a hint for you. ;)

Anyway, that's the pendant. :)

beaded donut pendant

 beaded donut pendant

Thank you for coming here and I'll see you all again soon. :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter beaded sphere

Just as I promised yesterday, I come with another beaded sphere, made with the same pattern from this post. Only this time it's more cold, white and blue with a little bit of rose gold. Something for the winter... although I can't say I love winter really! I'm quite happy with the weather outside... at least it's not that cold. ;)

Even though this one wouldn't look bad on a small Christmas tree either, it is a pendant too. Nothing else you would expect, I assume. ;)

It measures 2,5 cm (1") wide in diameter. The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

beaded sphere

beaded ball

And this is the winter beaded sphere with its Christmas "friend":

beaded spheres

Don't worry now, there will be no more beaded spheres for some time. Time to make another donut instead. ;)

Take care my friends! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas beaded sphere

After a long while spent on knitting and crocheting I felt an urgent need to do some beading. I wasn't very keen on designing something completely new, so I returned to one of my old patterns instead - the beaded sphere from this post.

Used black Twin beads, silver-lined red Toho seed beads in size 11/o as well as dark gold/bronze Toho seed beads size 15/o. Thanks to the colours it looks a bit like a Christmas decoration to me. It won't hang on a Christmas tree though, it will be used as a pendant of course. As always. ;)

It measures 2,5 cm (1") wide in diameter. The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

beaded sphere

beaded ball

And I'll see you again soon with another sphere. :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anniversary soutache set

Some time ago my friend's husband asked me to make something special for his wife, for their wedding anniversary. It was up to me what to make though... and it didn't make it easier at all. I couldn't figure out what the best present would be and so I was wondering about it for almost a month. Luckily, just a few days before their anniversary I suddenly realized that I have heard Aga once mentioning some soutache jewelry that she found beautiful. My experience with soutache however is only slightly bigger than none, but I decided to give it a try.

After one long day, I came up with a set like this:

soutache jewelry

soutache earrings

The set was made with black and metallic gold soutache cords, metal beads and beautiful Swarovski coated rivolis. The pendant is 6 cm (2,36") long and the earrings measure 2,5 x 3,5 cm (1 x 1.37").

Happy anniversary, Agnieszka & Paweł! :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another twisted pendant

As I am starting to receive messages in which you ask if everything is fine, I thought I might write a short entry, let you know that I am fine and in good health and show a pendant that was made long ago.
Unfortunately for the beads I took a short break from them. Instead, within the last few weeks I have made numerous scarves, caps, a half of a shawl and almost an entire tunic. I still have kilometers of yarn left, so I don't know when exactly I may return from knitting to beading again. ;)

The pendant below is made with Delica and Toho beads, using a twisted peyote stitch again. It is 3cm (1,18") wide and 6,5 cm (2,55") long, without the bail.

twisted peyote pendant

And I want to thank you for all the reassuring comments under my previous post. I just wanted to show you that you still can live and enjoy your life no matter what. I hope you will remember these words. :)

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you again soon, I hope. :)

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