Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter beaded sphere

Just as I promised yesterday, I come with another beaded sphere, made with the same pattern from this post. Only this time it's more cold, white and blue with a little bit of rose gold. Something for the winter... although I can't say I love winter really! I'm quite happy with the weather outside... at least it's not that cold. ;)

Even though this one wouldn't look bad on a small Christmas tree either, it is a pendant too. Nothing else you would expect, I assume. ;)

It measures 2,5 cm (1") wide in diameter. The pattern is available in my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

beaded sphere

beaded ball

And this is the winter beaded sphere with its Christmas "friend":

beaded spheres

Don't worry now, there will be no more beaded spheres for some time. Time to make another donut instead. ;)

Take care my friends! :)


  1. Son dos preciosidades, Justyna, me encantan las dos!!!!
    Muchos besitos guapa

  2. So beautiful! Your work is always inspiring--thank you.


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