Monday, November 11, 2013

Another twisted pendant

As I am starting to receive messages in which you ask if everything is fine, I thought I might write a short entry, let you know that I am fine and in good health and show a pendant that was made long ago.
Unfortunately for the beads I took a short break from them. Instead, within the last few weeks I have made numerous scarves, caps, a half of a shawl and almost an entire tunic. I still have kilometers of yarn left, so I don't know when exactly I may return from knitting to beading again. ;)

The pendant below is made with Delica and Toho beads, using a twisted peyote stitch again. It is 3cm (1,18") wide and 6,5 cm (2,55") long, without the bail.

twisted peyote pendant

And I want to thank you for all the reassuring comments under my previous post. I just wanted to show you that you still can live and enjoy your life no matter what. I hope you will remember these words. :)

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you again soon, I hope. :)


  1. po prostu wielkie wow... my jesteśmy szczęśliwe, ze udaje nam się upleść świderkowe kolczyki, a Ty na podstawie tego samego wzoru trzaskasz takie oryginalne cuda...bajka :)

  2. Cieszę się bardzo, że czujesz się dobrze. Trzymam mocno kciuki za wszelką pomyślność. Wisior jest obłędny. No ja po prostu nie mogę napatrzeć się na te cuda, które tworzysz. Nie przestawaj. Gorące pozdrowienia.

  3. Justyna es precioso, tan precioso como tú, te deseo todo lo mejor, cuïdate amiga.
    Muchos besos

  4. Here you are! What a pleasure and what a wonderful pendant!! You're a very talented girl!
    Go ahead!!
    Lots of kisses

  5. Justynko, wisior jest po prostu obłędny! Mogę się nad nim zachwycać bez końca. Bardzo się cieszę, że opublikowałaś ten post. Mam nadzieję i gorąco w to wierzę, że będzie jeszcze takich postów cała masa. Z ciekawością obejrzałabym również Twoje "włóczkowe" prace. Trzymaj się kochana! I wszystkiego dobrego :)

  6. Ja już przestaję pytać jak Ty to robisz, ja już wiem, że Ty jesteś czarodziejką i używasz magii by tworzyć takie cuda! Pozdrawiam Cię bardzo gorąco:)

  7. As usual is it beautiful but then again everything you create is one of a kind and a work of art, so glad you are staying strong and continue to have a great attitude, your the best.
    a million hugs xoxoxox

  8. Hello Justyna,

    I'm happy to hear that you are fine!
    Your pendant looks very interesting, like a vintage vessel from an old fairytale.

    Warm greetings,

  9. bravissima come sempre e ancora un augurio grande per la tua salute
    Un abbraccio

  10. Dear Justyna!
    I am glad hearing that you are fine.
    The pendant looks really interesting. I like the shape and the colors very much.

  11. Hello Justyna,
    wonderful to hear that you feel well. Your pendant is sooooo gorgeous. I am sitting here drooling into the keyboard. Instead I wanted to buy it from etsy. But you dont have it on your shop. Sniffing. Is there a chance that you make a pattern for it? Delicas are my favorite beads and I love to work with them.
    Hope the beads will see you again soon . ;>)
    Best wishes

  12. Dear Justyna, I'm glad to hear that you feel fine. The pendant ist great, I must have it!!!!! Hope that the yarn is handled soon ;)
    Hugs, Andrea

  13. You are such a sweetheart shaing such good advice with all of us!!

  14. Justiyna - you are doing it your wonderful way! Thank you for that and for those awesome designs...

  15. feel very privileged to be able to wish you "well"! I am sorry your kemo isn't working. I will pray for you as I am sure others have. Your beadwork is beautiful, to say the least. Do you have patterns for them? Thank you for sharing! Debbie Bailey


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