Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tetrahedron beaded pendant

Wish I could show you some other beadwork than just pendants... I believe though that you still don't find it too boring if you keep visiting this blog, so I hope you wouldn't mind to see another piece of jewelry that is supposed to hang on a chain. ;)

The beaded bead/ball/whatever is made with four 10mm pearls, wrapped with Toho seed beads and connected together to form a shape that slightly resembles a tetrahedron. It measures around 3cm (1,18") in diameter.

And that's the pendant itself:

beaded bead

beaded bead

That needed to be a short entry - I have to go back to cooking! ;)


  1. Nic się nie nudzi , bo Twoje wisiorki można oglądać bez przerw:) I smacznego:)

  2. Podobają mi się kolory tego wisiorka:)

  3. Very nice! Purple, silver and black are always a good colour combination :-)

  4. Hi! You've got a Prize!Come on my blog ;-)

    1. Thank you very, very much! Now that was a great surprise!! I'm happy you liked this blog enough, really. :)

  5. Fabulous pendant with a very intricate design. It's unique and I really like it. Excellent job. :)


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