Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beaded earrings! Along with the tutorial :)

Yep, after all these pendants, donuts, balls, beaded beads and such, it's about time for some earrings. I'm afraid they are not that spectacular though, as I don't really like big earrings. They had to be simple, and so they are simple. ;)

They are made with wax pearls, SuperDuos, fire polished beads and Toho seed beads size 11 and 15. They measure 3cm (1,18") in diameter.

You probably could see them already, if you checked the tutorials page... Oh yes, forgot to say that I have added two pages to the blog - one with all the tutorials (both free and paid) that I offer, and the second one with my small collection of beaded crochet rope patterns, all of them free to download. :) Anyway, so there's a tutorial on how to make the earrings, although probably many of you will know how to make them just from looking at the picture. ;) But if anyone wants to get the tutorial, it is available on Craftsy.

Speaking about the tutorials though, looks like blond was a bit curious on how to make a beaded bead from this post, so - blond, especially for you, in a couple of days there will be a pattern published on here. I only have to draw it. :) It will be a free pattern, available to everyone who wishes to recreate the beaded bead. ;)

But now it's about time to show the earrings. So enjoy and until the next time. :)

beaded superduo earrings

beaded superduo earrings tutorial

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  1. Śliczne kolczyki:)a mi baaardzo miło i już się doczekać nie mogę:)zrobiłam kilka kulek wg rożnych schematów ale to ciągle nie to ;)


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