Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not a surprise, another beaded pendant. ;)

It's not a mace though, as my dear blond friend has suggested in her comment to the last post. ;) Heck, it's not even a dangerous weapon at all! I think I have collected a few of them already, so it was time for something more feminine. ;)

The pendant's main part is a beaded bead made with Toho Round 11/o and 15/o, as well as 10mm wax pearls. It should be forbidden though to use the silver-lined crystal beads in a beadwork that you're going to take pictures of later. ;P It was a true nightmare to take a good picture... and still I'm not fully satisfied with the result. I'm afraid though that it won't look any better, so that's how it looks like:

beaded pendant

It is accompanied by a bali cap and some chains, which make the whole pendant pretty long - 10,5 cm (4,13") with the bail, while the main part measures around 3x2cm (1,18x0,78").

And that's how the whole piece looks like:

beaded pendant

Now, after bothering you with a new entry every single day, I'm going to disappear for a short while. I might return with some more beadwork made in bed though. ;)

So see you all soon again, lots of hugs for you. :)


  1. Another?? Each piece you make is unique!!
    This beaded bead is fabulous!

  2. Jeeej śliczny:)No i już bardziej delikatny:)Miło, że mnie wspominasz:)No to powodzenia w łóżku:)

  3. A dla mnie każdy Twój wisiorek jest zaskoczeniem:) każdy inny i zjawiskowy:)


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