Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Four-leaf clover ;)

I know, I know, I was supposed to show some earrings eventually... but they will have to wait for another day or so. ;)

For today however I have another pendant to show - it was actually made rather just for fun, as it's not really that impressive. ;) A four-leaf clover that is supposed to be my lucky pendant now. Well, we'll see if it can be lucky indeed. ;)

Made with bicone crystals, wax pearls and Toho seed beads. It is 4,5cm (1,77") long (without the bail).

And this is how it looks like:

four-leaf clover pendant

four-leaf clover pendant
I'll see you tomorrow again... I'm afraid though that I'll come with another pendant. ;)


  1. Może i kolejny ale zupełnie inny niż reszta:)))fajna ta koniczynka. na pewno przyniesie Ci szczęście:)

  2. Wonderful!!! It's an absolutely original idea for a pendant!!
    I hope it will bring lots of luck to you!! You deserve it!

  3. A ja bardzo lubię Twoje wisiorki:) ten jest naprawdę super! Od razu widać, że szczęśliwy!

  4. A very nice pendant!! Now you must promise to wear it every day!

  5. Thank you all, I hope it will be lucky indeed. We'll see if I managed to put some magic into it. ;)

  6. A classic pendant worthy of praise for being so elegant-looking. It is actually very attractive especially when worn. :)


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