Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rosetta - just another beaded pendant :)

While working on a tutorial for a Twisted Square, which should be ready in a couple of days, I completely forgot that I have finished another pattern in the meantime.  Rosetta is my first trial with two-hole Piggy beads. Actually, even three trials as you can see below... And I'm not quite sure if I like these beads very much. It's not that they are bad... not at all! But if they were a little bit smaller, they would be perfect! I'm sure though that it's not the last time I used them in my beadwork. This pendant is a very simple one, so hopefully I will be able to use them in something a bit more complicated. ;)

The pendant measures 4,5 cm (1.77") without the bail and it is made, except of Piggy, with 8mm round beads and seed beads in two sizes. The tutorial is available here on Etsy.

And these are the three colour versions. I think I like the blue one the most. :)

beaded pendant "Rosetta" - tutorial

beaded pendant "Rosetta" - tutorial

beaded pendant "Rosetta" - tutorial

beaded pendant "Rosetta" - tutorial

Take care, hugs to all of you, and I'll see you again soon! :)


  1. Es una colgante maravilloso, todos son preciosos, pero el que más me gusta es el azul.
    Besos guapa.

  2. Hello Justyna,
    this three pendants with piggy beads are looking wonderful. I even find, that the blue version ist the best of them, but I also like the third one with rose and grey colours.

  3. Hey Justyna,

    great pendants where the last one is my favorite - lovely colors!


  4. This is not just another beaded pendant, but a stunning beaded one. I love itsdesign. My favourite is the blue one too. Great work.

  5. Czarno-pomarańczowy zestaw kolorów jest zabójczy :)


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