Monday, April 7, 2014

Another twisted triangle

Guess what? Despite my laziness I managed to finish the tutorial for the twisted triangle! You could see the design here before, but when I was making it for the second time, I decided to change one thing. Don't know about you, but for me the new version looks a bit better. :)

I used Toho Treasure again - gold lined aqua - and I must say that I didn't expect them to look so good in a beadwork. Depending on the light they look like a cold steel or they have a warmer, yellowish tint. Worked good with some antique bronze seed beads, I think.

The triangle measures 6,5 cm (2.5") at the widest point.

The tutorial is available here on Etsy.

Now I have to go back to work... I promised to prepare the tutorial for the twisted square too...
Have to keep my promise, you know! ;)
So I'll see you some other time. Have a wonderful day! :)

twisted triangle pendant pattern

twisted triangle pendant pattern

twisted triangle pendant pattern

twisted triangle pendant pattern


  1. Hello Justyna:-)
    This pendant also looks fantastic. I like the shape. And I can see, what you describe: It was right, to use the gold lined treasures in this Twisted Triangle. Wonderful!
    Thank you for all good things you do :-))
    Many Hugs

  2. Wow, that looks amazing nice. Wonderful pendant and really an eyecatcher.


  3. Hello justyna,
    I loved the pendant triangle , it amazing.
    I bought the tutorial and wanted to know where I can buy the connector between the pendant to the necklace.

    1. Hi! Just dug your comment up from the spam folder... hopefully it's not to late to answer. :) I have bought the most of my pendant bails here but I'm sure you will find a few sellers on Etsy who have some nice findings. Check this one for example: beadsmaker - they have some great items and also the great prices. :)

  4. Hi Justyna. I absolutely love your twisted triangle. I have just finished making it from the tutorial I bought on Etsy. I made mine in blues and am quite pleased with the results. Your instructions were super to follow with no guess work at all. I do have one question and it is only out of curiosity. When you do the triangle you do it on the left as opposed to going to the right. Is there a reason for this?

    1. Hi Paula, thank you for such nice words, I'm happy you liked the pattern. :) And there isn't any specific reason - just when I hold the beadwork in my left hand and stitch with the right one, it's just easier for me to add beads in a way like this. You probably can do that in the other direction and it still will work perfect. :)


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