Sunday, April 27, 2014

Windmill - or Twisted Square - another twisted pattern :)

I can't believe I have finished it...

Of all my twisted peyote pendants, this one appeared to be a nightmare. First I have chosen wrong Delica beads, with extremely thin walls, breaking more than easily. I had to go back a few rows three times (!) just to remove a half of a broken bead and replace it with a new one. Then I lost one of the bicone crystals and since I didn't have more than 12 beads of this colour in my stash, I had to replace them all. I truly hated this pendant long before I have finished it. Yet, somehow, it is finally done. :)

A similar pendant you could see in this post. This time I used a different cabochon - 14mm rivoli, so it made the entire piece look a little bit different. It's actually nice to see that you can achieve different results with exactly the same pattern.

Just as the rest of the twisted designs it is made with cylinder beads and seed beads in sizes 11/o, 15/o and 8/o. In addition, there are twelve 4mm bicone crystals woven in the edges. It measures 7cm (2.8") at the widest point.

And the pattern is traditionally available here on Etsy. :)

twisted peyote beaded pendant

twisted peyote beaded pendant

twisted peyote beaded pendant

twisted peyote beaded pendant

twisted peyote beaded pendant

Have a nice Sunday, everyone! :)


  1. Hello Justyna,
    this square pendant looks really like a windmill. Great idea!
    Thank you for the surprice in the forum. And thanks for visiting us! :-)
    Now I have to do some work, I have to search for the right beads for this wonderful pattern.....

  2. Beautiful pendant. Congratulations Justyna. Carine

  3. Beautful work. New love and respect for peyote.


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