Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to beadweaving...

But only here, for the blog purposes. Just because there's a beaded pendant, made last month I think, that was waiting to be shown... In fact it was (and still is) waiting for a tutorial to be written... but it's far too hot here to work. So the tutorial will be prepared in the future, while the pendant can be shown even today. And since there's been nothing happening here recently (I'm so lazy, I know), I might as well do that. :)

The pendant is made with spikes, fire polished beads and Toho seed beads. It measures roughly 5 x 3,5 cm (1,96 x 1,37") without the bail.

Don't know about you, but to me it looks like a strange, multi-legged bug. ;D

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

I'm happy that so many of you want to participate in my blog candy. Well, there is already more than fifty people who joined the fun, so there will be more prizes for you to win. And there's still one week left, so if you haven't joined yet, better do that when you still have a chance. :)

And as it's finally not that hot here anymore, I'm going out to catch some fresh air. Have fun whatever you do and I'll see you later. :)


  1. Robaczek wyszedł przepięknie, gdyby zaczął się nagle poruszać uciekłabym pewnie;) ale skoro dajesz słowo, że jest z koralików to nic tylko podziwiać:) U nas też gorąco i leniwie, aż się koraliki pocą!

  2. multi-legged bug? Perfect for a pendant!! ;-)
    Another fantastic creation, many compliments!

  3. Bellissimo!! dalla forma originale, complimenti!

  4. Es un colgante precioso, me gusta mucho, felicidades!!!!

  5. Your Pendent is very beautiful. I like it very much.

    Viele Grüße

  6. I think the spike thing is outrageous, unique and extravagant.It is one of a kind, LOVE IT. I am so happy to see a new post on your board, I check it every day. I love the spike beads and this is in my favorite color, blue like a crystal clear ocean. I am so pleased you are out and about. :-) That makes me smile. Anytime you are happy, I am happy. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. You are so gifted and talented and admired and NEEDED and appreciated not only by ME but by so many who respect you. You should be SO PROUD OF YOURSELF JUSTYNA.

    Not many have your magnitude of courage and endurance.


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