Friday, August 28, 2015

Justyna's shop is now reopened

I am pleased to announce that Eridhan Creations has been reopened again!

Just as Justyna (and everyone else) wanted from me, all her patterns are once again available for purchase.
It will be an honour to make sure that her memory will live on and I hope this will mean that her work will be both loved and admired for generations to come.

The prices on the patterns will remain as they were before the shop was down, none of them have been changed.
Some of the money from the sales will now also be given to charity.

The Etsy shop has also been renamed from EridhanCreations to InMemoryOfEridhan.

You can find the shop on the Etsy logo up on the left or on the link below on this post. =)


Link to the shop


  1. Nagyon szépen köszönjük,hogy továbbra is elérhetők lesznek Justyna gyönyörű mintái.Szép emlék ez az utókornak....

  2. Thank you, Sebastian. There are so many people, wanted to know, where they can get the pattern. It`s nice to know, that a little bit of Justyna is still there.
    I published your message on my blog, I hope, it is okay.
    I like the idea, that some of the money will be given to charity.
    Greetings Silke

  3. Sebastian:
    I see you decided to keep her patterns available, and donate some of the proceeds. You've made a great decision. Much luck.


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