Monday, May 19, 2014

Finally! Tutorial for the "Polaris" pendant is finished! :)

At first let me apologize that you had to wait for it quite a long time... There were a few things though that didn't leave any time at all for me to do some beading. I knew that some of you could hardly wait for it, and I must admit it was quite motivating. :) So thank you for your patience and I hope you will like the tutorial.

I named the pendant "Polaris", because most of you could see a star in it. :) It isn't very difficult, not more than the rest of my twisted peyote patterns. But passing through the beads in the final rows can be more than challenging! Pliers were a must for me this time, so you might consider using them too - otherwise it can be really hard to hold the needle at some points. I would suggest trying to make the other twisted pendants before attempting at this one really. If you are already familiar with these twists, it is much, much easier.

This version of "Polaris" is made with Delica beads, and as they are slightly smaller than Toho Treasure, the entire pendant is a bit smaller too. By the way, it was the first time when I made something with galvanized Delica (#462, so not duracoat) and I was a bit afraid that the color might rub off. To my greatest surprise it survived all the twisting, turning, distorting and all the other torture the beadwork has gone through. That was a nice surprise then. :)

So, here you can see the pendant, and here you can find the tutorial. Enjoy! :)

twisted peyote pendant - tutorial

twisted peyote pendant - tutorial

twisted peyote pendant - pattern

twisted peyote pendant - pattern

Have a great day and I'll see you soon again. :)


  1. Jak zwykle cudny! A Twoje tutoriale są świetne! pozdrawiam :)

  2. Dear Justyna,
    you have done it! The pattern is ready!
    Thank you very much!
    Big hugs

  3. Zachwycam się jak zawsze wszystkimi twoimi pracami

  4. Hello Justyna,
    a so beautiful pendant.
    All the best

  5. Dear Justina
    've seen so beautiful pieces of jewelery on your blog . I like them all and will definitely work some of it.
    greetings with love

  6. Maravilloso colgante,expectacular.Un beso

  7. So beautiful again.. Is it a needle killer?

  8. Wonderful, i bought the pattern ; )

    Greetings, Ruth

  9. This is absolutely stunning!!!

  10. What a terrible loss to her family as well as the beading community!
    Please, to her family, reconsider shutting down her Etsy and blog. There is a tremendous interest in her creations. We want to honour her work by being able to purchase her amazing creations. Thank you and, again, so sorry for your loss.


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