Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twisted triangle

Still playing around with the twisted peyote, as you can see, and trying a triangular shape this time. :)

This pendant was finished long time ago, and a long time it had to wait for being presented here. ;) Poor pendant has been waiting for long enough it seems, but I wanted to show it when the pattern would be ready. I failed, I haven't even started writing the tutorial yet, but the pendant doesn't deserve to wait for longer. ;)

It is made with Delica cylinder beads and Toho seed beads in three sizes. Three tiny fire polished beads are added too. The pendant is 5 cm (2") long without the bail.

twisted triangle pendant

twisted triangle pendant

twisted triangle pendant

And now I'd like to say good bye for now, I'm leaving for a short vacation in two days. I can't wait to do some beading along with Julia! Should be fun! I'll see you again in February then!

Take care, all of you! :)


  1. Una maravilla ya estoy esperando el esquemita,me encanta,los colores geniales.
    Que lo pases rebien en tus vacaciones descansa mucho y se feliz.
    Un beso ,te espero en febrero.

  2. Też uważam, że dłuższe zwlekanie z pokazaniem go światu byłoby zbrodnią. Przepiękny jest i bardzo oryginalny.
    Miłych wakacji, wracaj do nas szybko!

  3. ale Ty masz pomysły... co jeden to bardziej oryginalny.... super :)

  4. A ten to już w ogóle w moich kolorkach <3 Niesamowity!

  5. ancherquesto è fantastico!!!!bravissima e buona piccola vacanza perlinosa

  6. Hello Justyna,
    This pendant looks wonderful. I like the shape and the different pearls. So, we have to wait for the pattern. I wish you nice holidays.

  7. Hey Justyna!

    You have chosen a great color combination for this beautiful pendant in interesting shape!
    Have a nice beading holiday!


  8. Hello Justyna,
    I am waiting excited for this pattern. Normally I would have no problems with triangles or this shape with differents sizes. But here you have to know the beginning - I think. ;>)
    So have wonderful vacation days that you will come back with the new pattern for your fans.

  9. This is just so yummy - be well!

  10. You have NOT failed Justyna, I never want to hear that again, this is incredibly meticulous, radiant, flawless and spectacular. This is a monumental representation of pronominal talent and creativity, You are so inspiring. Please finish the tutorial, do it for me. You are so encouraging and strong, do not ever give up sis. You have never once failed. You are so immensely original and well known all over the world people love you and look forward to your NEW designs, specially me. Everything you make is done with complete determination to exhibit elegance and brilliance.
    sunshine and a trillion from u know who. Jetaime xoxoxoxo

  11. Hello,
    this is really nice - I love dimensional Peyote and you brought it in such a good shape! The colours are stunning.
    Thanks for showing,

  12. Justine this lovely and very beautiful,many compliments and kisses


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