Saturday, January 18, 2014

Twisted Star - beaded pendant

I know I neglected the blog a little... it's not though that I don't do any beading, I still have a few things to show, so I'll try to force myself to publish them soon. :)

Decided to start with another twisted peyote experiment, this time it is something that is supposed to resemble a star. Does it really? Maybe a bit. Maybe it's more like a starfish, but who cares. ;) I actually like the design and could be that soon I will be able to publish a tutorial how to make it. It's not really difficult to make, but it takes a lot of time and attention. It's probably the amount of time required that stops me from writing the tutorial... why do so many other things want or need to be made too? Or I just should stop being so extremely lazy. ;P

Anyway, this is the star. Made with Miyuki Delica and Toho seed beads, with a Swarovski rivoli in the middle. The piece is quite big actually, it measures almost 7cm (2,75") at the widest point. It's very light though. It certainly makes a pendant that is really noticeable. ;)

twisted peyote star pendant

twisted peyote star pendant

twisted peyote star pendant

Thank you all for watching and visiting this blog. :)
I hope you'll have a nice weekend and see you some other day! :)

Edit: the tutorial is already available here. :)


  1. This's original,particular and delicious,kiss kiss kiss

  2. It's an amazing pendant and totally original too.

  3. Gwiazda jak nic i do tego piękna, kto wie, może te z najodleglejszych zakątków galaktyki tak właśnie wyglądają.

  4. Dear Justyna!
    Wow, this is very nice. For me it really looks a bit like a starfish. I love the colors.

  5. Stupendamente bello e aspetto con ansia il tutorial.Mi piace e somiglia tantissimo ad una stella marina.

  6. For me, it looks very organic - really like a starfish.
    Your creativity is amazing to me, you design so great jewelry pieces!


  7. Aleś naplotła kobieto:)Cudowna rozgwiazda:)

  8. Hello Justyna,
    hope you feel good and you have good days.
    This jewelry is living :-)
    It looks very pretty, I like the shape and the colours! It`s not really small :-), but I like it!

  9. WOW!!!!!!! E' bellissimo!!!
    Mi piace un sacco :)

  10. Piękny, nie mogę się napatrzeć <3

  11. Czysta rewelacja, jak może nie zachwycać kiedy tak dech zapiera z wrażenia... Śliczna gwiazda. :D

  12. All your twisted pendants are absolutely gorgeous!!
    It's alaways a pleasure to see your work! :)

  13. Hello Justyna,
    it looks great - but I am afraid I wouldnt be able to bead this , because I have always problems with rivolis. Thats why I love the other enclosed pendant :>)
    But the great size beads are set so wonderful like bloomings. I wish it would be possible without the Rivoli ...giggle.
    Hope everything is right

  14. Your beadwork is inspirational - just lovely. I particularly admire this one and will keep a look out for the tutorial in due time. Hope you are keeping well.

  15. I really like if pattern is published. However, It is a really beautiful piece and It is looks like a starfish, with a big eye ! ;)

  16. Really wonderful your twistend star! I love it!
    Greetings from Germany

  17. This beautiful beadwork just took my breath away. What an inspiration you are. My very best wishes to you.

  18. Your designs are beautiful. I love them all. I hope that you are feeling much better. I wish you all the best.

  19. Oh how I love your "twisted" mind!! LOL they are so beautiful, someday maybe I'll feel proficient enough to attempt 'twisted' peyote.


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