Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Ribbon" - tutorial for a beaded bracelet

While I was away from the online world, somewhere between painting the walls, killing monsters in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, getting stabs in my stomach (stupid injections, you can't really call them any different way :/ ), crocheting a new necklace, going for 10 km long walks with the Red Beast and worrying about poor little sick Leon I managed to do some beading! I forced myself to do some work eventually and even prepared a tutorial...

So this is "Ribbon", because my crazy imagination sees ribbons in the embellishment:

beaded bracelet pattern

beaded bracelet tutorial

It is made with 8mm glass pearls, SuperDuos and seed beads, size 11 and 8. Fast and easy to make, it is 2 cm (0,78") wide.

The tutorial is available here on Etsy and Craftsy.

Hopefully I'll find more time for beading soon. :)


  1. for sure you have not bored!
    I do not know this game, but I hope you've killed so many monsters! ^ _ ^
    Beautiful bracelet

  2. What a wonderful and sweet dog!! What a beautiful face!! Lovely!!
    Many compliments for your bracelet, you've made it in my favourite color ;-)
    Greetings and kisses

  3. Oh, this braclet looks very fine!

  4. Hi Yustyna,

    you created a very nice bracelet with a great structur! I like it very much.


  5. Hallo Justyna,
    I like this bracelet, it looks fantastic. I also like the Red Beast, a wonderful dog.
    Get well soon (also to Leon).

  6. Super :) I wzór i kolorystyka. A te koraliczki równiutkie takie, nie to co moje :)

  7. This is absolutely beautiful, great job Justyna. I am so happy you are beading. I am sorry the injections were troublesome, they sound horrible, but as I know you, you have one thing on your mind remaining possessive and being creative, This bracelete is one of a kind hugs Marcie Lynne xoxo

  8. Ale ty jesteś pracowita i dzielna, ja wymiękam na widok igły! A psa masz niesamowitego, mordka cudna! A bransoletka bajeczna!


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