Monday, September 2, 2013

Orchid - beaded pendant and tiny earrings

A wonderful friend of mine has given me recently the best present a beader can get! When I opened the package and saw lots of Miyuki Delica beads I was speechless! These of you who live in Poland know that well - these beads aren't easily accessible here, so the surprise was even greater for me. Of course, I had to try them out as soon as possible. Actually I wanted to make something simple and since another friend of mine asked why, despite being into astronomy, I haven't been designing anything of star-shape, a star was the first project I decided to make. While beading though it appeared that it would be something more than just a star - not the first time when a finished project is far from what has been planned to make. The result I achieved looks more like an orchid flower to me - don't ask me why though, it's probably just my crazy imagination again that sends such pictures to my brain. ;)

Anyway, this is my first project made with Delica beads (my new greatest love!). Some Toho seed beads are added in the middle. The entire pendant measures around 6 cm (2,36") without the bail.

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

In addition (completely unlike me, I know!) I made some tiny earrings too, repeating the motif from the center of the pendant. Actually they looked so cute to me, that I made another pair too, and soon I will share the pattern here with you. I just need to draw it first. ;) They look better in reality though, much better. The camera has stolen the entire depth and they look so flat here...
They measure around 17mm (0,67") in diameter.

beaded earrings

And tomorrow I'll show you another experiment with Delica beads. An experiment that I have found rather successful. ;)
So see you until then, my friends. :)


  1. What a wonderful star! Great work!
    Greetings, Petra

  2. Cudowne! Te kolory są naprawdę wspaniałe. Miałaś wspaniały pomysł by w ten sposób je zagospodarować :). A o takich Miyukach to mogę tylko pomarzyć, póki co ;)

  3. Gwiazda jest kosmicznie piękna, ogromnie podoba mi się to przejście kolorów!

  4. Hello Justyna,
    this star looks beautyful. Great: the 3-D-effect in this colours!!!
    Best wishes

  5. Helle Justyna!
    The star-pendant is really Great. The colors are beautiful. And the little earrings are very cute.

  6. Hola Justyna,
    los pendientes son preciosos y el colgante maravilloso!!!, me gusta mucho.
    Muchos besitos guapa

  7. Complimenti mi piacciono tantissimo sia il fiore che gli orecchini.
    Un abbraccio

  8. this is completely incredible OMG! The star is more intricate and beautifully perfected, and the colors are so full of sunshine. you have such an imagination, maybe you have a bead fairy in your mind that gives you these great ideas when you sleep, Delica's are so easy to work with and they come in 15's which are smaller and 10's which are a little larger. I think the bead genie should make certain you get some. This is certainly a magnificent, unique piece of work and I bet very time consuming, I am happy to see NEW projects up on your site, that makes me happier than seeing your new designs, you should be so proud, superb work, keep it up. there is NO telling what you will come up with next, can not wait to see what you post, your pal sunshine and hugs :-)

  9. piękna wygląda jak żywa ;) pozdrawiam


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