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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flower Stud Earrings - free pattern

I have been away for a while, but now I'm back! I hope you weren't missing me too much though. ;)

As I promised in this post, I have finally prepared the tutorial for the flower stud earrings, like these below:

flower stud earrings free pattern

But first I want to say thanks to all of you, for your encouraging comments, for your e-mails, for every good word I got from you. I returned with no good news at all though, but don't worry, even though I decided to not continue the treatment - I just can't agree for the next chemotherapy, because I know that it will kill me faster than cancer - I feel great! I am an incurable optimist and I won't lose my positive attitude too soon. Can't waste the rest of my life, after all, and spend it on waiting for death. There are thousands of better things to do! ;)

Stay happy, my friends. :)

And now I'm happy to share the pattern here with you. :)

You will need:

76 x 11/o seed beads
120 x 15/o seed beads
24 x 11/o cylinder beads
2 x 6mm round beads
2 x flat or cup ear studs
beading thread
beading needle (size 12)
jewelry glue

The earrings measure around 17mm (0,67") in diameter.

1. String 1 x 11/o cylinder bead and 1 x 11/o seed bead six times, make a knot and pass through the beads, so your thread is exiting from one of the seed beads as shown in the left picture.
2. Pick up 2 x 11o seed beads, skip the cylinder bead and pass through the next 11/o seed bead in the row as shown in the middle picture. Repeat five more times. At the end pass through the first 11/o bead added in this round.
3. Pick up 1 x 11/o seed bead and pass through the three nearest 11/o seed beads as shown in the right picture. Repeat five more times. At the end pass through the first 11/o bead added in this round.

flower stud earrings free pattern

4. Pick up 5 x 15/o seed beads, skip one 11/o bead and pass through the next 11/o bead as shown in the picture (one of the beads strung in step 1).
5. Pass back through the last 15/o bead strung.
6. Pick up 4 x 15/o seed beads and pass through the next 11/o bead added in step 3 as shown in the picture.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 five more times.

8. Pass through the first 3 x 15/o beads added in the previous round.
9. Pick up 1 x 11/o cylinder bead, skip 3 x 15/o beads and pass through the next 3 x 15/o beads as shown in the picture.
10. Pick up 1 x 15/o seed bead and pass through the next 3 x 15/o beads as shown in the picture.
11. Repeat steps 9-10 five more times.

12. Pass through the beads so your thread is exiting from one of the 11/o seed beads strung in step 1.
13. Pick up 1 x 6mm round bead and pass through the 11/o bead on the opposite side as shown in the picture.
14. Pass again through the 6mm bead and the same 11/o bead you have started this round with. You can pass through these beads a few times, so the 6mm bead isn’t sitting too loosely. Don’t worry that the hole of the 6mm bead is visible. We will cover it with beads in the following steps.

15. Pick up 6 x 11/o seed beads and pass again through the 6mm bead forming a loop on one side of the 6mm bead. Repeat one more time, forming another loop on the opposite side, as shown in the left picture.

NOTE: Depending on the exact size of your seed beads (you know that some colours sometimes differ from each other with shape and size, even if they are described as the same size) you might need to add 7 x 11/o beads instead of 6. You have to determine yourself how many beads you will need.

16. Pass through one of the loops as shown in the right picture.
17. Pick up 1 x 11/o seed bead and pass through the other loop.
18. Pick up 1 x 11/o seed beads and pass through the first loop again. Pass through all the beads a few times.

19. Make and secure the knots and trim the remaining thread.
20. Take an ear stud and glue it to the back side of the beadwork.
21. Repeat steps 1-20 for the second piece and enjoy your new flower stud earrings!


Author: Justyna Szlęzak, Eridhan Creations

Unauthorized copying and/ or commercial use prohibited
Copyright by Justyna Szlęzak 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Orchid - beaded pendant and tiny earrings

A wonderful friend of mine has given me recently the best present a beader can get! When I opened the package and saw lots of Miyuki Delica beads I was speechless! These of you who live in Poland know that well - these beads aren't easily accessible here, so the surprise was even greater for me. Of course, I had to try them out as soon as possible. Actually I wanted to make something simple and since another friend of mine asked why, despite being into astronomy, I haven't been designing anything of star-shape, a star was the first project I decided to make. While beading though it appeared that it would be something more than just a star - not the first time when a finished project is far from what has been planned to make. The result I achieved looks more like an orchid flower to me - don't ask me why though, it's probably just my crazy imagination again that sends such pictures to my brain. ;)

Anyway, this is my first project made with Delica beads (my new greatest love!). Some Toho seed beads are added in the middle. The entire pendant measures around 6 cm (2,36") without the bail.

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

In addition (completely unlike me, I know!) I made some tiny earrings too, repeating the motif from the center of the pendant. Actually they looked so cute to me, that I made another pair too, and soon I will share the pattern here with you. I just need to draw it first. ;) They look better in reality though, much better. The camera has stolen the entire depth and they look so flat here...
They measure around 17mm (0,67") in diameter.

beaded earrings

And tomorrow I'll show you another experiment with Delica beads. An experiment that I have found rather successful. ;)
So see you until then, my friends. :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to the life - with some new beading patterns of course ;)

So, here I am again - staying in bed was extremely boring, trust me - but at least I could do some other work, not exactly beading though, but related to beading. Two new tutorials for the patterns that have been already presented here, plus another one, for dodecahedral earrings. Yep I know, it's pretty amazing that I managed to make another pair of earrings instead of just these boring pendants. ;) Anyway I hope you'll like them - both the pendants and the earrings really. ;)

Okay, the first is the pattern for the dodecahedral earrings. Beaded beads made with 4mm wax pearls, 11/o seed beads and 2mm metal ball, measuring around 2,5cm (1") in the widest point - in fact they look a bit smaller than they are in reality, probably because they're not the perfect spheres.

And these earrings look like this:

beaded beads pattern

And a close-up:

beaded ball tutorial

This tutorial is available here (Etsy) and here (Craftsy).

The second pattern I have made is for the netted beaded pendant, that you could see already in this post. But there are two more such pendants, that you can see below:

beaded pendant pattern
beaded pendant tutorial

The pendant, as you can see, is mostly made with 6mm wax pearls and 11/o seed beads. It measures around 4cm (1,57") in diameter. Quite easy and fast to make, and you can find the tutorial here and here. :)

And finally, the last pattern, for another beaded ball - or a beaded bead, whatever you wish. ;)
Small ornamental ball, not exceeding 2,5cm (1") in diameter, made with fire polished beads and 11/o & 15/o seed beads. Tiny, but quite eye-catching. Better for a pendant though than for the earrings in my humble opinion... but it can serve in any way you wish. ;)

beaded ball pattern

beaded bead tutorial

The tutorial for this beaded bead is available here and here.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed. Time to get some rest - but I'll see you all soon again. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beaded earrings! Along with the tutorial :)

Yep, after all these pendants, donuts, balls, beaded beads and such, it's about time for some earrings. I'm afraid they are not that spectacular though, as I don't really like big earrings. They had to be simple, and so they are simple. ;)

They are made with wax pearls, SuperDuos, fire polished beads and Toho seed beads size 11 and 15. They measure 3cm (1,18") in diameter.

You probably could see them already, if you checked the tutorials page... Oh yes, forgot to say that I have added two pages to the blog - one with all the tutorials (both free and paid) that I offer, and the second one with my small collection of beaded crochet rope patterns, all of them free to download. :) Anyway, so there's a tutorial on how to make the earrings, although probably many of you will know how to make them just from looking at the picture. ;) But if anyone wants to get the tutorial, it is available on Craftsy.

Speaking about the tutorials though, looks like blond was a bit curious on how to make a beaded bead from this post, so - blond, especially for you, in a couple of days there will be a pattern published on here. I only have to draw it. :) It will be a free pattern, available to everyone who wishes to recreate the beaded bead. ;)

But now it's about time to show the earrings. So enjoy and until the next time. :)

beaded superduo earrings

beaded superduo earrings tutorial

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crackle cabochons and beaded balls...

...not used for pendants this time, but some earrings instead. After making that many pendants it was about time to create some earrings really. They were made almost two weeks ago, only I haven't got the occassion to show them on here until now.

The first pair of earrings consists of 4mm wax pearls as well as Czech seed beads. The beaded balls are 22mm (0,9") wide in diameter, and despite looking heavy, they are quite light. The pattern has been designed for pendants with 6mm pearls, so it had to be modified to be more suitable for earrings.

beaded balls earrings

The two next pairs are just round cracle ceramic cabochons bezeled with Toho size 11, 15 and 8 seed beads. Both are 32mm (1,26") wide in diameter.

beaded earrings

beaded earrings

And finally the last one - simple dodecahedrons made from Czech seed beads. They're extremely light and measure around 2cm (0,79") in diameter.

beaded balls earrings

Next time however there will be more pendants again. ;)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beaded cross and some earrings...

Yep, finally have made some earrings! I wouldn't have been myself though if I hadn't made some pendants too though. So in this entry you can see them both. Starting with the pendant anyway. ;)

The pendant is made from 6mm fire polished beads, 4mm bicones, 2mm metal balls and size 11 seed beads. It is double sided  and it measures 4,5 cm (1,57") without the bail. Not a typical pattern for me though since its shape more or less resembles a cross, but a very nice pendant to wear anyway. ;)

beaded cross pendant

So the earrings I have made, at least one pair of them, is supposed to suit the pendant. It does, but only considering the colors, since they're made from exactly the same beads, but not when it comes to the shape. Oh well, I wouldn't wear both of them at the same time anyway. ;P The earrings measure 22mm (0.78") in diameter.

beaded earrings

And finally the second pair of earrings, quite tiny ones, since they measure only 18mm (0,70"), which match the pendant from here. Made, as the earrings from above, from 6mm and 4mm fire polished beads and some metal 2mm balls. These ones, in opposition to the first pair, look quite well while wearing with the pendant. That can make me wear them more often then. ;)

beaded earrings

And in the next entry - back to bead crocheting. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The project of my life ;)

At least until I make another one, I suppose. ;)

Well, I'm not a good planner. At least when it comes to jewelry. Whatever I plan to make, it turns out to be something completely different. From a simple pearl pendant to the project of my life? Of course it is possible! ;)

So yes, it was just started with a simple tiny beaded pendant, a glass pearl embellished with some black silver lined Czech seed beads and metal antique gold 3mm round beads. When I made it however, I wasn't really satisfied with it... there was something missing, only I didn't know what. Putting it inside a peyote three-dimensional open square perhaps? Why not, it was worth to give it a try. And so it has worked. ;)

Okay. So I had a pendant. But did it really fit as a pendant? Still it wasn't something I expected, wanted something more. If not a pendant, then a part of a necklace? Sounded like a better idea. But what should I hang it on? Seed beads? Wax cord? Beaded crochet rope? Couldn't really decide... Maybe all of them then? ;)

So there is a wax cord, and there is a beaded crochet rope too. Seed beads combined with more antique gold metal balls don't look too bad together I suppose. At least it made me quite satisfied with it.

And this is how the necklace looks like:

beaded necklace

beaded necklace

It couldn't remain a single piece of jewelry though, so decided to make two matching bracelets, of completely different style, and a pair of earrings. Was working for almost three days on them all... but I hope it was worth all the work.

beaded crochet bracelet

wax cord bracelet

beaded earrings

Hopefully someone will like it enough to become an owner of this set. ;)

beaded jewelry

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beadwork, beadwork...

Yes, lots of beadwork this time. ;)

As I am running out of time, I have been working harder than usually, making as much jewelry as possible. Good thing there's only some simple jewelry to make now... all the more complicated projects are already finished. Here however you can see the simpler ones too. ;)

The beaded sphere that can be seen below was actually made more than two weeks ago. It was only waiting to get a bail, so it could work as a pendant. Now it's ready to be shown to the world. ;) It is the same dodecahedron as used in the earrings from here, only that it is bigger, measuring 2,5 cm (1") in diameter. A pattern that I have designed by myself, which I'm extremely proud of. ;)

This beaded bead is made of Czech seed beads as well as 6mm crackle beads.

beaded sphere pendant

Have made a few bracelets too, a necklace, some earrings... some others are still waiting to be finished though. One of the bracelets is a beaded crochet rope (yes, I can't live without bead crocheting for long), with a silver spectra bead as a focal point. The second one is a turquoise macrame bracelet, with a peyote bead... that one goes with matching earrings. The third one was extremely time consuming, as probably it is the first and the last bracelet of this style I have made. Twisted peyote isn't something for me I suppose... too tedious. ;)

But here they are:

beaded crochet bracelet

macrame bracelet

twisted tubular peyote bracelet

The necklace is a pretty long (70cm - 27,56") twisted herringbone rope with two decorative diamond shape elements, made with cubic right angle weave. Since it is possible to slide the rope through one of them, its length can be easily adjusted. I don't even want to count the hours I spent on making it... ;)

herringbone necklace

And finally, some small, simple earrings... Cubic right angle weave stitch combined with peyote, and light green metalic spectra beads. At least I could make them in less than two hours. ;)

cubic right angle weave earrings

And that's all... at least for this post.
Because another set I have recently made, deserves its very own blog entry... ;)

So see you soon again. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Earrings Challenge - Part 2. Back to wire-wrapping

So here we are, the Earrings Challenge is being continued again.

Not quite sure if I can still call it the challenge, since the idea of it died very quickly, as some other duties... yes, let's call it duties, although it was just a kitten, a monster kitten though, haven't let me do much. Had to hide the beads deeply if I didn't want to risk losing them... tried to hide my hands too to keep them safe, but with that I was constantly failing. ;) Eventually the little twister luckily has found a new loving owner, so I could get back to beading.

And not only beading. Whole ages have passed since I played around with wire for the last time... Once favourite jewelry making technique has been forgotten for a few years. Thought however that it might be a good idea to see if I can still work with wire... have I succeeded? I don't know. I know that my fingers were extermely aching the day after I returned to the wire-wrapping. Now though they're getting better, so I can continue with making more wire earrings once I post this entry.

The effects of my last days' work you can see below.

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

The earrings are made of silver plated copper, oxidized (at least the first three pairs) to achieve a dark grey colour of the metal. It didn't fit to the last pair though so it is going to keep the light silver innocent look. In all of the earrings the wire is accompanied by the wax pearls in different sizes and colours as well as the metal beads. And they required *a lot* of time to be finished... well, wire-wrapping is very time consuming, but the effect is worth the hard work.

But I couldn't forget about bead weaving either... And since I liked the beaded dodecahedrons from here quite much, decided to make some more of them. This time a little bit bigger than the last ones, since I used the bigger seed beads. They measure 1,8 cm (0,71") in diameter.

beaded balls earrings

And another pattern that I decided to recreate... Originally it was designed as a beaded ball made of seed beads along with 6mm pearls. Good for a pendant, but not for the earrings, since it was just too big. It was almost a challenge too to make it smaller, so I could use 4mm beads and make the spheres more fitting for earrings. The earrings are already finished, as you can see in the picture below...

beaded balls earrings

... and another pendant of this desing is being made and that's how the original one looks:

beaded ball pendant

The next pair of earrings is quite simple, made of tiny metal beads using a cubic right angle weave stitch. The pearls however aren't that orange for real... the picture lies in this case. ;P

beaded earrings

And the last piece of jewelry that I have managed to complete. A tiny wire wrapped pendant that is only 2cm (0.79") wide in diameter. Some wire, some chain, some metal beads and a gemstone I cannot name... couldn't oxidize it either, so it will remain the way it is...

wire wrapped pendant

Hopefully I can show some more effects of my work soon. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Earrings Challenge

More than a month now to the market event, where my jewellery is going to debut... Feels like a lot of time, but in fact not too much to make enough items it seems... That problem I'm trying to solve with The Earrings Challenge - my private challenge to make one pair of earrings every day - at least during the first two weeks. Only then I can make some other projects. Well, so far I have managed to make two pairs... wanted to make something simple to be honest, but apparently it is beyond my possibilities and I spent almost two hours on one earring instead... ;P

The main part of the first pair are very tiny dodecahedrons (only 1,5 cm/0,6") made of black and grey silver-lined seed beads.  They are nothing else but simple beaded balls, just with one additional layer of beads. The dodecahedrons are combined with a square charm in matching colours, stitched with a cubic right angle weave.

beaded earrings

The second pair was made again with cubic right angle weave, this time formed to a round shape. Woven with small metal balls, embellished with hematite seed beads and with a matte glass pearl hidden inside them. They were extremely time consuming, even though they aren't very big - each of them is only 2,5 cm (1 inch) wide in diameter.

beaded earrings

And beyond any challenge I managed to make one more thing within the last few days. A transparent octagon Preciosa crystal, bezelled with grey (matte and silver-lined) and white seed beads, as well as 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals. Looks like a grey sunflower to me and it is going to be one of my favourite pendants. :)

crystal pendant

And now it's time to start making more earrings! ;)

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