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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Roses are red...

They can be pink too, they can even be a beading pattern it looks like. ;)

So here's a beaded crochet rope, a thick one, 25 beads per row, with a rose pattern, and more than 6000 beads in total... You can see a necklace here, but there's a bracelet made with this pattern too... only somehow I can't force myself to make a clasp for it. ;P Hopefully I can make it soon. ;)

beaded crochet rope

The pattern for this necklace has been created by myself. So you are free to use it if you want. If you click on the picture below, you can download a dbb file with this pattern. The image file of the pattern is available here. So, enjoy. :)

crochet rope free pattern

Last time I promised some tatting too... So there's a tatting collar, a simple one, made from Anchor Arista thread, color #316. Something for the New Year's Eve, thanks to the glitter I think. ;)

tatting collar

And the last for today, a necklace that has been made some time ago, only I haven't shown it on here until now. Inspired by one or Weraph's lariat necklaces. I haven't copied her work though as I have used some different colours of the beads (except of the silver lined teal beads, that she has used for her project too) and added a clasp. Still her work was a great inspiration to me. I only hate the picture, it should have been better really! Oh well, despite that, still I can show it to you. ;)
Lots of work, since the necklace is 120cm (47") long, and I have worn it maybe two or three times... what a waste! ;)
Anyway, see you soon again. :)
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