Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tetrahedron beaded pendant

Wish I could show you some other beadwork than just pendants... I believe though that you still don't find it too boring if you keep visiting this blog, so I hope you wouldn't mind to see another piece of jewelry that is supposed to hang on a chain. ;)

The beaded bead/ball/whatever is made with four 10mm pearls, wrapped with Toho seed beads and connected together to form a shape that slightly resembles a tetrahedron. It measures around 3cm (1,18") in diameter.

And that's the pendant itself:

beaded bead

beaded bead

That needed to be a short entry - I have to go back to cooking! ;)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Beaded ball and some wire-wrapping

So, as I promised yesterday, here I am with two more pendants. The first one is just another beaded ball, this time made with some SuperDuo beads, measuring around 2,7cm (1,06") in diameter... A simple one, I know, but it was fun to make at least. ;)

beaded ball

The other pendant is just a dark red glass cabochon, wrapped with some wire. It has been a long time since I've done anything with wire-wrapping... and it will be a very long time until I make it again, you can be sure. ;) Was even too lazy to make a wire bail... oh well, maybe some day it will be changed. Not today though, of that I am certain, and not tomorrow either. ;)

The pendant measures 3,2 x 3,7 cm (1,26 x 1,45") and this is how it looks like:

wire-wrapped pendant

wire-wrapped pendant
Now I should go back to beading.... so see you soon again. ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New tutorial for a beaded bead

Finally I'm back, not with more jewelry to show though, as first I need to take some pictures. Instead I have a new tutorial to offer, for the Pandora-style beaded bead:

beaded bead tutorial
The tutorial is available traditionally on Craftsy and Etsy.

Also, for everyone interested in getting it on Etsy, I have a special 20% discount for every item I offer. Just redeem the following coupon code: 000320 while purchasing any tutorial you wish. :)
The coupon will be valid until the next Sunday.

And tomorrow I'll be back again - with more pendants of course! So see you until then. ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not a surprise, another beaded pendant. ;)

It's not a mace though, as my dear blond friend has suggested in her comment to the last post. ;) Heck, it's not even a dangerous weapon at all! I think I have collected a few of them already, so it was time for something more feminine. ;)

The pendant's main part is a beaded bead made with Toho Round 11/o and 15/o, as well as 10mm wax pearls. It should be forbidden though to use the silver-lined crystal beads in a beadwork that you're going to take pictures of later. ;P It was a true nightmare to take a good picture... and still I'm not fully satisfied with the result. I'm afraid though that it won't look any better, so that's how it looks like:

beaded pendant

It is accompanied by a bali cap and some chains, which make the whole pendant pretty long - 10,5 cm (4,13") with the bail, while the main part measures around 3x2cm (1,18x0,78").

And that's how the whole piece looks like:

beaded pendant

Now, after bothering you with a new entry every single day, I'm going to disappear for a short while. I might return with some more beadwork made in bed though. ;)

So see you all soon again, lots of hugs for you. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another beaded bead - a wasp nest ;)

At least it looked like a wasp nest to me before I have added the silver caps... ;) And considering that blond has commented that I was creating dangerous things recently, it still counts as a secret weapon I suppose. After all, wasps can be pretty nasty. ;)

This beaded bead however is too small to have room for more than one wasp I think. Poor things would have been pretty crowded otherwise. ;) It is 3cm (1,18") long and 2,5cm (1") wide, the whole pendant however is 5,5cm (2,16") long, together with the bail. It is made with CzechMate Tile beads, fire polished crystals and Toho 11/o as well as 15/o, all in hematite and copper colours. It still needed to have the silver caps and bail though, as it is supposed to hang on a silver chain.

So this is my personal wasp nest that I'm not afraid to wear. ;)

beaded bead

beaded bead

Now I wonder what other dangerous thing I can make before Thursday. ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Citrine crystal in a beaded cap

Something different for today... it doesn't happen often though that I use more than just beads, but this dark citrine crystal has been waiting for long enough (5 years maybe? ) to become a jewelry piece. And finally it has happened, it has got its beaded cap made with Toho beads size 11 and Preciosa seed beads size 15. The cap is rather simple, but it couldn't take the attention away from the crystal itself after all.

The pendant works well wearing on a black chain or a black leather cord. It is almost 7cm (2,75") long and measures around 2,5cm (1") in diameter. Very eye-catching, trust me. ;)

citrine pendant

citrine pendant

Sunday, February 17, 2013


"Looks like a weapon you can throw at people" - that's what I have heard after I had finished the pendant. Well, I'm not going to throw it at anyone, so you're completely safe. The only ranged weapon I can use is my Windfighter bow, after all. But the pendant definitely had to be named Shuriken. ;)

So, Shuriken was made with bicone crystals, 3mm fire polished beads, Toho seed beads size 11 &15 and spike beads. It measures around 5cm (2") in diameter /3,5cm (1,38") without the spikes.

And that's how it looks like:

beaded pendant

beaded pendant

I'll come tomorrow again, this time with something less dangerous. ;)

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